Journey To The Center Of… Your Back


I told my friend to buy all these products. And now the story begins….

Last weekend, my friend came to visit so we could see where her progress was at. She kept saying that she was going to go to the salon and get a good cut. I convinced her not to and we flat ironed.

After all was said and done, I told her that while she did need her ends trimmed, her major issue was breakage. She uses good products, but without clarifying and protein, even the best products can be damaging. She then bought up a very good point the next day; if she went to the salon, she would have gotten a cut, but still would not have known what the problem was!

I bring this up because the easy way is not always the best way. Let’s take a common scenario: bad ends. Is it best to cut them or just trim them slowly over time. It is a really hard question to answer. Cutting them all eliminates the problem, but doesn’t doesn’t allow you to work out the equation and see how you got there. Trimming them little at a time allow you to assess what happened to get there (in a way).

I’ve done both methods and I must say if your ends don’t look like a sad old man, then trimming slowly is a better approach. It was this method that allowed me to:
-understand the problem
-learn new techniques
-learn how to cut and dust
-learn which products are worth their weight in gold
-learn how to care more for my hair
-understand why eliminating the problem did not work
-learn my hairs limits but not starve it of luxuries (heat and air drying for examples)

We take these journeys to learn our hair, so you have to do just that. Even if it takes a few year, different techniques and a lot of products.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia B.


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