78 Weeks Ago….

My twist out looked like this:


From the front, it’s nice and sleek, well maintained and behaving. This past wash day, it looked like this:



FYI: 76 weeks is 2 weeks shy of 1.5 years.

So in this time, my hair has really thickened up. Much more texture and more to work with. I like my hair from last year, but the latter gets me more compliments and stares lol.

Here I am thinking my hair is a hot mess and yet progress has been made 🙂

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia B.


4 thoughts on “78 Weeks Ago….

  1. Pictures are a good way of reminding us of how far we’ve come even when we don’t realize it. You’ve made a lot of progress, it’s noticeably thicker. I always look at pics that I took just to keep me motivated when I feel down about my hair.

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