Wash Day

So, I’m definitely getting back in the groove of hair care, but I will admit that it is hard. Doing your hair while baby is napping, or in my baby’s case, cat napping, it no easy feat.

So during the cat nap, I was able to just wash with Paul Mitchell Shampoo One.

I was also able to apply conditioner to my hair. I used Kerastate Nutritive Masqueintense. I thought this stuff would be a joke but I used it because I needed to lightly flat iron my hair for an interview and apparently this line is good for keeping in moisture with heat use. Rollersetting is out the question these days as quick is better. So I applied the conditioner is sections, as usual, applying conditioner to the ends then to the roots and mid-strand. I like the way it spread because it is not thick and I didn’t have to use a lot. It didn’t even look like I had conditioner in my hair. Instructions state to leave on for 10 minutes then rinse. At this point, baby boy woke up and we took another nap. This stuff was rinsed out 2 hours later.


I rinsed to pretty soft hair. But doesn’t that always happen? The real test is standing up to heat.

After I rinsed, I towel dried for 30 minutes. Sprayed Inphenom throughout my hair then combed it through. In sections, I would detangle then blow dry on medium using the Reniece method. This method really cuts out a lot of blow drying time.

When I was done (and left with a head of wild hair) I flat ironed on 270 in the back and 300 in the very front (where my hair is thickest and most resistant). Each section was sprayed with IC straightening spray. This temperature barely straightens my hair; leaves it straight enough to minimally get out kinks, waves and make new growth manageable. It seems like a dangerous game, but my hair is left being just less wild. For those of you who have/had relaxers, remember what your hair would look like blown out after a fresh relaxer and what it would look like blow out about 2-3 months post relaxer. Yes. That’s the only difference.

So I had to pull my hair to go outside. Guess what though. My hair was like butter after all that. Usually, my hair is still slightly dry after flat ironing but it doesn’t break or anything, it’s just so tight that nothing will stop the dryness until washing. Even when it feels silky from heat protectants, it will still feel dry through the tried and true test of combing (and hair still snags). That’s why I roller set. No dryness.

Here it is two days later, and my hair is still soft. I kinda can’t believe it. A $60 conditioner (which I got in a product swap lucky me) works really well and it upsets me because for me to invest in it again, I would have to reduce flat ironing to 3x a year and with my life, a schedule like that can’t be committed too. I’m gonna have to find Kerastase cheap baby brother and compare because none of my handmade conditioners ever worked this good after direct heat.



A pretty simple wash day. After that Nairobi foam disaster, I lost a little faith, but it’s restored.

How was your wash day?

One Day, It Will Happen


10 thoughts on “Wash Day

  1. That is a lovely looking bun. I just ordered a denman brush after I read that Reneice thread lol. I hate blow drying but roller setting despite my love for it, takes forever and day to do with my hair and I need a break. Keratase products are good even though it’s expensive. I’m trying to cut back on buying so many products, but I might look into trying this one out.

    • I hate blow drying as well, but using a low setting hasn’t caused me any problems. I would recommend the Kerastase, but with the knowledge that’s its expensive and with 3-4 uses a jar depending, it should be a treat you won’t look back on. That’s why I want to try loreal and see how it works.

      • I might just treat myself and buy it for a end of the year flat ironing job. Flat ironing my hair is a once a year event since I live in my buns. Thanks for the review.

  2. I’ve heard that Kerstase is owned by L’oreal and the Total Repair Balm works just as well. Wouldn’t it be amazing if it was true?!?

    When my minions were itty bitty—it would take me hours to do my hair with all of the starting and stopping, naps, feedings…The good thing was that I learned that my hair loves a good long deep conditioning. Or rather—I always ended up deep conditioning for hoursss at a time. LOL.

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

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