Salon Day

So after I came home from the hospital, I was a hot ass mess. I mean hotter than hot. I looked like something out of The Color Purple who met Side Show Bob’s stylist and slept with Meg Griffin. I was too swollen and my back and leg pain from the epidural was unbearable. Standing in front of a mirror nevertheless attempting to stand in a shower was not happening. I could barely walk 1 MPH. So I decided to get it done.

Clearly, I couldn’t travel far. Luckily I have a salon directly across the street but I’ve never been there. I heard its good so I decided to give it a try. I walked up to the first stylist I saw and spoke with her. She said I didn’t need to bring products but if I wanted to use something then the bring it. I told her I only wanted a wash and set.

The next day, I tried to sneak and see what she was using. I believe she washed with affirm shampoo. Then she used my SD VS conditioner and added a hot oil treatment to my hair. I sat under a hot dryer for 20 minutes. Then she blew out my hair on medium with a comb attachment. She even huffed because my hair takes forever to dry. She applied a spray leave-in which honestly I think was lotta body. That stuff is every professionals fave. Then she flat ironed and used some IC heat protectant. I think the iron was too high, thinking it was somewhere between 350 and 400 because my hair was bone straight. I was scared my hair wouldn’t revert, but it did, so ok.

I will say, I was impressed with the overall result.






I kept my hair for two weeks and three days. It could have survived longer, but I didn’t want it to dry out and it needs to be up for a while. But I will admit, I see myself going to her every few months for a good flat iron.

Definitely impressed with her and her knowledge. She also does natural hair, so that explains how she does hair so well. I ain’t natural, but I’m a puff ball still. Sad though that it took for me to leave salons to really find someone good. DH wants me to see her bi weekly, but I’m not trying to lose what I’ve worked so hard for.

And now, for the next wash day post. When I find time to get to it lol.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia B.


10 thoughts on “Salon Day

  1. Your hair looks beautiful, she did a good job. You’re lucky you found a stylist nearby that knows what she’s doing. I haven’t been to a salon in years. Besides my mother who’s a stylist and is very good at doing hair, I have trust issues with stylist. My mom lives out of state so I’m a DIY, but sometimes I just want a break from doing my hair.

    • Thank you.

      I haven’t been to a salon in a while as well. This time, I needed to find one. I didn’t have high hopes, just wanted it done but I’m glad it did turn out well.

  2. Congrats on the baby! Your hair looks lovely too. It is nice to just sit in a chair and have someone do your hair for a change!

    • I thought she would run when she saw my roots but she didn’t. But then again, she does natural hair. It’s good to try just once though. Or just go and speak with her and see what she says.

  3. Awww @ the hubby wanting you to go all the time. If he knew how it MAY possibly set you back, he’d be singing a different tune!

  4. Its so hard to find awesome hair dresser’s, definitely treat yourself to that break sometimes as your hand would be full most of the time now. Congrats on the baby again

  5. Hey! You know I love your blog! Sooooo…I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check out my post called The Liebster Award and answer my question. After that you can nominate 11 of your favs! Kudos!!!!

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