Wash Day

Started my wash day with some John Masters Bare Shampoo.

Deep conditioned with Silk Dreams Vanilla Silk under the steamer. I normally hate this conditioner under the steamer, but this time around it was ok! I usually don’t use this in the summer because it’s drying for me, but since the Farmers Almanac (yes, I check that out!) said it would be a wet summer, I guess that attributes to its good results. I’m trying to use these conditioners less because the Owner had her baby and closed up shop until after August.

I used my Inphenom, water and Dominican Magic heat protectant and roller set.


I’m still not happy with my ends and though I would really like to make WL by the end of this year, I’m just not happy to get there by any means necessary. So I cut. Notice the line. I was still MBL in this photo.


I cut almost two inches of hair…


And I’m still MBL somehow. Makes me wonder if I was already WL when I first cut a few wash days ago?


This time, I put my hair in ponytails to flatten my hair since it is not flat ironed, just straight and it worked out. I liked doing this way. This was the after picture. That face I’m making? That’s me saying “I think I’m cute but I’m secretly praying this came out right!”



And back to buns. I need to get outta buns. I keep saying it, but with me leaving work next week, I’ll have more time to experiment with my hair. I’m pretty rushed in the mornings so ponytails and buns are so easy.

For now….

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia B.


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