Random Nothings About….Hair

This week and next week (Baby Shower Wash Day) will be my last post until after I have the baby. Will definitely do a post on Afterbirth Hair if it hopefully comes out right 😛 I’m just so tired lately and it’s really hard getting in decent wash days.

I’ve been curbing my PJism but did secretly buy a few APB during the July 4th sale. Not ashamed lol.

I cut about two inches of hair. Will share in my wash day post. I didn’t cut more because my sister told me that I should wait for postpartum shedding before I made any drastic hair changes. Schooled.

I have 5.5 more weeks to go. It’s seems like only yesterday DH told me to take a pregnancy test because I was acting strange. Time flies.

I’ll still be here. Lurking. My favorite job. And be back soon.

Tasia B.


14 thoughts on “Random Nothings About….Hair

  1. You’re close to the finish line. Wishing you the best and hope you have a safe delivery, I’m sure you can’t wait until you hold your little one in your arms.

  2. “DH told me to take a pregnancy test because I was acting strange”….I found that sentence hilarious!

    MAN, time has flown! The baby will be here soon! Like everyone else, I want to wish you an safe, easy and healthy delivery and baby.

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