Wash Day- Flexi Rods!

My intention was to flat iron, but with my shower coming in 3 weeks, I really need to perfect a curly style since I will be taking pictures that day.

I washed with John Masters Bare Shampoo. As much as I don’t care for this no-poo poo, it really does a job good enough to be confused with a poo poo. I think I might keep this around. I’m being a real hater about it.

Deep conditioned with Annabelle’s Perfect Blends Buttercream Conditioner and sat under my steamer. That’s right, the steamer. But I’m a doofus because I was so hot (that pregnancy hot…. No fun) that I steamed with the fan in front of me which diverted all the steam to my nape. So the back and middle felt great but for the front I eventually had to put a towel over the steamer to get just about 2 minutes of steaming in. It still went well.


This time around, I sat on my tub and leaned back a bit to rinse. This works for me.

I used grey and purple flexi rods mostly. I a) halved my hair then b) sectioned in 3 my half then c) sprayed with water, Inphenom and Dominican Magic Thermal Heat Protectant.


Then I placed the rods in.



Two at the bottom were not dry so I had to blow them out.


I felt like I looked like someone’s napped and trapped child. Actually, that child is me back in the day lol.

After pulling the curls apart and letting them live, I ended up like this:




And if anyone asks me, I woke up like this!

I didn’t like the middle and back as referenced by the last picture I hope, but because my hair is so dense at the roots, I’m gonna keep trying them for the next few weeks and I think the trick to use smaller rods in my crown area and bigger rods on the outside where my texture is looser. Otherwise, I’m happy with the entire wash day. The last picture is when I first pulled the curls apart, but after going out, they started to look a bit better.

I think some people wondered if it was a wig. And that’s why if they ask “I woke up like this!”

How was your wash day?

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia B.


10 thoughts on “Wash Day- Flexi Rods!

  1. Your hair looks good! Go, Tasia. I can’t believe your pregnancy is almost over. Seems like you just found out. My wash day last week didn’t go so hot. I’m washing today so hopefully it will be a lot better than last week. I like bigger rods. Smaller rods are too curly and become frizzy.

    • Thanks to you. I will continue to do it, but next time, I will use the bigger rods in the crown since was my biggest trouble area.

    • Girl, I made a promise and stuck with it. It’s not easy but I figure better of now than once baby arrives and I have no time at all.

  2. Wow! I cannot believe how close you are to having your little one! Love the flexirod set. I think it turned out lovely.

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