Relaxer Day

Please excuse me. I’m really slow these days. Sometimes I fall asleep while texting…

So I relaxed this past weekend at 19 weeks post. While I was prepping my hair, I thought to myself “do I really need a relaxer? Can I hold out another week?” My hair felt fine. Straight. New growth barely speaking to me. We’ll get back to that thought.

So I was prepping my hair by doing my usual twist and using fantasia hair Strengthener and base on the length and basing my scalp. Took about an hour while watching Archer.

When I get to the mirror, I see that all my hair reverted after spraying my hair with the fantasia. I stop questioning what I wrote in the first paragraph! I couldn’t find my new growth anymore.

So this time around, I decided I’m too big to do the half and half method. In my first trimester (January) I could move enough to do it. These days, continuous bending and moving is not an option. So like my one pot meals, this relaxer needed to be a one shot deal.

After I prepped, I applied relaxer (linange Shea butter relaxer with a sprush) starting from the front. Since the front is my coarsest and most resistant area. Then I proceeded with the back. I only smoothed my edges and broke apart some twist if there was too much hair to get relaxer through. My goal time was 15 minutes.

I made it!

After, I washed with Eluence Acidifying Shampoo by leaving it on for 8 minutes two times then a final wash with Isoplus shampoo which has the color indicator. Then I put in some Komaza protein Strengthener and topped it with SD SWD.

My hair was a tad hard but worked out.



After my roller set:




And because many seem to think I have the perfect rollersets, here is a picture of me struggling to get out from under the dryer and cursing myself for rollersetting to begin with:


Slight checking after flat ironing the roots a bit:


And the end product!


Happy Tasia!

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia B.


13 thoughts on “Relaxer Day

  1. “Please excuse me. I’m really slow these days. Sometimes I fall asleep while texting…”

    I don’t know why, but this had me cracking up lol. Your hair is GORG! and that belly is all the life I need today.

    • I am slow these days. I can’t even walk fast anymore. I’ll be up one minute and drooling the next. It’s getting real now.

      Thank you. I’m glad things are progressing well.

  2. You look beautiful! You also did a great job with your hair, under 15 minutes for your touch up PLUS a roller set after all the work?! I know for a fact that I was skipping the roller set if I was in your position lol

    • Thanks!

      I wanted to skip it, but I didn’t feel like dealing with matting which air drying would have led too.

  3. Awwww.. Look at that belly. You did a great job, your hair looks great. I wish I could relax my hair myself in just one sitting…but my hair gives me the side eye lol so half and half method it is for now.

    • Thanks!

      I’ll probably go back to half and half after I give birth, but this time around I needed the least amount of time possible.

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