Playing With Scissors


So here are three pairs of scissors that I have in my arsenal.

In the wonderful and ever so stressful world of hair care, there is a task that we must all accept needs to be done and that’s trimming our tresses. No one likes it, but it does a world of good. No, cutting does not make your hair grow, but it will help it to look neater, look healthier, reduce breakage and even enhance your current style.

No it’s no secret that scissor happy stylist ruin us from the beauty in healthy ends mostly from the lack of care that usually came with it. I know it ruined me. I felt like I was growing to cut. But when I started my journey, I notice that’s hair was growing faster than it could be cut. So I began using the scissors on the far left which came with DH clippers set. These are Wahl brand scissors. They helped with maintaining my ends, but I noticed the splits never really went away. I summed it up to unhealthy hair, but after a while, I failed to believe that ruly, shiny and tamable hair was really that unhealthy. You couldn’t say it was so.

Then I bought some Annie scissors. I noticed splits were getting worse and my ends kept getting crusty. I was dusting all the time. Clearly. Even with good maintenance of my scissors (you need to clean them with every use but wiping them or using a damp towel) my ends still were bad (oh man did I just say that; that’s how it’s translated from Spanish lol).

I got so fed up I went to the BSS to get a good pair. But after careful research, even paying $50-100 for professional scissors need maintenance by being sharpened. Now DH has a knife sharpener, but I still felt like it was too much to pay and have to maintain scissors so vigorously.

So I did some online research. Look at the smallest pair of scissors in the picture.

I found that many women, not just black women, were raving about the Tweezermans (the middle scissors). I thought to myself: this company makes tweezers and nails products, why should I buy scissors. But the reviews had me sold. The only upkeep required was wiping the scissors after every use. So i bought a pair from sephora and was sold. I’ve barely had to dust since buying them (though I do anyway).

After a fair comparison to the other scissors, I noticed the tweezermans scissors have are smoother than the other scissors. And I’m talking about the flat inner ledge of the scissor, not just the part that cuts on the edge. The smoothness of the scissor has made the biggest difference.

So what’s the moral of my story? Buy good scissors! I know some of us hate the idea of cutting, but quality hair care has to have healthy ends as it’s companion. And if you can pay good money for good conditioner that will need to be replenished every month, why not take the time to buy some good scissors that may last longer than you last boo. I’m just saying lol.

Definitely take the plunge. You, your ends and your regimen will thank me later.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia B.

4 thoughts on “Playing With Scissors

  1. As much as I hate to admit, a good pair of scissors is always needed. After my setback at the hands of a scissors happy stylist, I did not intend to do a trim until December but a few days ago I saw a split, you can imagine my horror! lol I immediately knew a trim was in order, I believe splits is a thing where once you see one there is more lurking around so I am ending my stretch at 14 weeks post so I can flat iron my hair and trim my ends.

    • Yes! And you might be upset and hesitant at first but when your cutting your hair, you’d be surprised how much more happy you’ll be with the end result.

  2. Oh Tasia,

    Thanks for the head up on this. I need to get myself one though I just got one trimming scissor from Amazon. I’ll commence with the one I just bought and see how it goes.

  3. Excellent post! How much did they cost and is there a model number?

    You may be on to something. I’m having splits that keep forming even after my best efforts of dusting, trimming & cutting. I never once gave thought to the scissors being the issue.

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