Wash Day

I actually had a wash day last week that led to sticky, build-uppy hair and was disgusted with it.

I needed to clarify.

I decided to try this baking soda method. I also bought this Zatik Coconut Shampoo from Marshall’s and decided to give both a use at the same time. I used one tablespoon of baking soda and two shot glasses of shampoo and mixed them and let that sit for a minute. Then with my hair sectioned in four, wet and shampooed each section and let the shampoo sit.

Once I was done with the 4th section, I washed out the first section. My hair felt like tar, but since I washed it in one direction it didn’t need to be detangled. It did, however, need Conditioner badly. It felt hard and crusty, but my hair ate up the conditioner.

I used some Dominican protein conditioner I took from a relatives house and slapped some Shea What! Deux on top of it. My hair ate up both conditioners! I actually used less conditioner because of this. I left this combination on for about 1.5 hour with literally 5 minutes of heat. My hair was really easy to detangle.

The sad part is I can’t comment on either product until I use them alone. I will say I expected more damage from the baking soda, but the shampoo I used is supposed to be mild and gentle, so I think that helped it to sud and buffer better. I’ve used both Conditioners alone and liked the Dominican one but only used it once and didn’t care for the SDSWD because I didn’t have enough texlaxed hair at the time.

I roller set with my water bottle, Inphenom mist and CHI Silk Infusion.

The end result:





At 17 weeks post I’m trucking along. It’s not bad as long as I roller set. I flat ironed the front only this time as my texture in the back is much looser than the front.

Now, for the cut:


I cut about an inch of ends. I’m still MBL but I’m not happy with my ends at the moment. I did do a happy dance when I cut though. I’m mostly not happy because my crown breakage makes my ends look thin and spaced out though they aren’t.



Last I applied some KeraVada to my ends. I used the one with Green Tea and Nettles. It’s so light it didn’t weight down my ends for a picture.

My crown broke 3 years ago and with the trimming and maintaining its roughly between SL and APL now. I give it another 2-3 more years before I can cut my hair even again though I’m tempted to do it now.

I also forget that I’m 17 weeks post so it does make my hair looks uneven anyway.

I’m gonna relax next wash day (if I don’t I’ll wait another 2 weeks) because I clarified and proteined (the Dominican conditioner is just collagen, amino acids and vitamins) this wash day. I wanted to do 20 weeks, but 19 weeks will be my longest stretch ever and I’m happy with it so far. I’m also happy with the fact that it has been an easy stretch as well.

How was your wash day?

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia B.


12 thoughts on “Wash Day

  1. That’s good that your stretch is going so well. When I was 17 wks post I had too many ssk’s an tangles I cussed every wash day lol. My wash days have been a breeze now, I’m about 4 wks post I think. For the last two washes, I’ve been roller setting and just using APB leave in and the Keratase serum. With this combination I find that I don’t have to moisturize as much. I’m starting to like my hair again, well at least for the time being.

    • Those combinations are really good. Since using a good leave in I haven’t had to moisturize as much either.

      • Exactly. I’ve come to realize that using a very moisturizing deep conditioner and leave in is yielding better results for me. Before this, My hair felt dry after 1-2 days.

      • Likewise. Too dry. This combination also leads me to wash less because there isn’t as much product on the hair. I’m glad we can both agree on this 😉

      • Girl, I’ve been on the hunt for a moisturizer for years… So finding out this combination has been a God send lol. I think our hair properties are similar.

  2. Hey Lovely Lady! I tried the baking soda thing sometime ago and my hair didn’t like it. Well, it liked it at first but it was dry soon after air drying. I politely shelved that idea and didn’t revisit it. Your hair looks great! What’s the ratios of the roller set mixture that you use? I had to Google Inphenom, I’d never heard of it.

    • I remember you tried it before, the baking soda, but I figured id try it just one and use softening products in hopes of preventing dry hair. I hear that can be a problem.

      I usually spray the inphenom on damp hair since it says to only use a little, then I spray water on each section I’m about to roll (until damp) and apply heat protectant in the same fashion at about quarter-sized amount.

  3. Sounds like a stressfree wash day. Your hair looks really nice. Your patience is so admirable to do roller sets with every wash day.

    • Thanks. When it comes to roller setting at this point I’m just used to it. The earlier in the day I do it the better.

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