Wash Day

I started with Bobeam Hemp Shampoo Bar. This is a really good shampoo bar.

Next, I used the rest of a jar of Silk Dreams Shea What! Since the weather has been a bit moist and a quick “pull” strand test of my hair best documented it as needed a little protein.

I left the conditioner for about 40 minutes (application, heating cap and cooling) then rinsed.

Detangled with Annabelle’s Perfect Blends Blueberry Cheesecake Leave-in and applied APB Coconut and Olive Moisturizing Lotion to use as a blow-out cream.

I wanted I rollerset, but it was already late so I opted to blow out on medium.

This is what my hair looked like wet. Still seems tame able.


Halfway through, I figured Id take a snapshot of what it looks likes drying. It’s still pretty thick and getting much more uniformed. Many improvements since I started. I used to be so disappointed in the state of my hair, but my persistence is to motivate that it can be done.



Fully Dried. Can you tell I just wanted to go to bed. I use my Kerastase Oleo-Relax to blow out and I’m glad I did because my hair is still soft 4 days later.


Now, of course I have to show you the final results:



But this is the crap that annoys me: I roller set weekly only to be left with silky hair and the edges from hell, but then blow my hair out and my edges are acting well behaved. What’s up with that. I’ve tried analyzing it but 1×1 isn’t equalling 2. I guess it’s not supposed to.


Since my hair, well me, won’t last more than a week with all this going on, it’ll stay like this hopefully til the weekend and then I’ll roller set again.

DH complemented my bun saying it was big and sees how my hair is getting healthier, better. He agreed I have a lot of hair. I told him to remember his child gets half of this 😀 haha

How was your wash day?

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia B


16 thoughts on “Wash Day

  1. Your hair looks great! It’s full and healthy. Consistency and dedication definitely pays off and I’m learning that now after all this time spent on my hair despite the setbacks I’ve been through.

    My wash day went very well, I had a corrective last week so my hair is behaving. I ended up roller setting ( which is still a work in progress) and I used APB leave in and the Keratase Oleo Relax Serum and girrrrrl….*touches hair* you were not lying about the sleekness! 2 days later and my hair is still smooth and soft, no need to moisturize and I’m loving it. This has given my beloved PM Super Skinny a run for its money.

    • Thank you. I’ve never attempted a corrective but I’m glad yours went very well.

      I told you Kerastase is the bomb. I could see myself being addicted to that stuff. I’m glad you liked it and glad you enjoyed your wash day.

  2. You know I literally oogled’ that bun! Your hair is seriously drool worthy Tasia. I need to stop being so gosh darn lazy and get back on it. Because your hair is inspiring the crap out of me. Oh and shout out to DH. He finally see’s the light at the end of the PJ tunnel…”Progress” haha.

    • You really do, I’ve been missing you. But you know what, after being lazy for a while, I know sometimes that we need lazy periods just because. You’ll be back soon enough. And DH does see the progress. But I have to wait for him to notice which takes FOREVER

  3. Your hair looks really good. That bun though… I love it. I had my wash day today too!! I need to get back on my hair journey and grow mine out like yoursss

  4. You KNOW that you are doing something right when your husband notices! Love the thickness and overall lush-ness of your hair Tasia!

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