Things I Learned From Dominican Salons

Trust when I say you couldn’t get me at one time to not swear by a Dominican salon. In New York where they are literally a dime a dozen (I have 7 within a 10 minute walk radius) that’s all there is and that’s all most know. Meanwhile only two black stylist within that radius.

Now I’ve know about hair care for years, but it wasn’t until about 3 years I started getting serious about getting my hair healthy and not just it looking good. What I knew and what I needed to learn were two different things. It took me a while to get out of the Dominican mentality simply because it was all I knew.

In terms of learning, here are some good and bad things I took from Dominican salons.

Good: Always shampoo with every wash. It’s only right.

Bad: You don’t need to shampoo with a super harsh shampoo all the time and even better, you don’t need to scrub, rinse and repeat 8 times. Hair is dirty, but it’s not that dirty.

Good: Always deep condition. It’s literally the most important step. Use heat or a steamer for added benefits.

Bad: Make sure that Conditoner is for DEEP conditioning. Many times I was unaware that some salons use regular rinse outs for everything. What’s that about? How’s that working out? Not well. Not at all. Use quality Conditoner and don’t skimp out to save a buck. Rinse outs are for detangling only and many times cheap ones work just as well to close them cuticles.

Good: Always detangle under running water. It makes the next step so much easier.

Bad: You don’t need to comb til every single strand detangles. Over combing is the devil. Detangle enough to get out the kinks but not too much that a ton of hair comes out in the bunch.

Good: Always use a leave-in. They are good for your hair.

Bad: Not all leave-ins are created equally. Find one that works for you. Also, not all leave-ins are heat protectants.

Good: Always try to be aware of the products your using. If it walks like a duck but doesn’t look like a duck, you probably need to question it.

Bad: Just because the salon uses it, that doesn’t mean it’s good.

Good: You often learn of salon quality brands,

Bad: You often learn of salon quality brands,

Good: You can learn good techniques you can utilize on your own time.

Bad: Techniques such as blowing, curling and hot tools are not the best techniques to really learn in a Dominican salon. Not even being rude, but good techniques they have involve indirect heat styling, direct heat is another story that can be selectively learned.

Good: Hair Trimming is not your enemy

Bad: Hair trimming on a set schedule is your enemy. While most of us love neat ends, that doesn’t mean thin ends are always unhealthy. While cutting does not affect hair growth it will stunt your retention. Your ends are the oldest part, but they don’t need to be chopped away if there is nothing wrong with them.

Good: Sealing your hair, especially the ends.

Bad: Using a quality sealer and not just perfume. All sealers are also not created equally.

Good: Reading and following instructions on special treatment products. You should actually read ingredients on everything, but following instructions is another great way to utilize good old reading comprehension.

Bad: When doing as per manufacturers specifications, using less or something for less time is better than using it for more time. You take a risk when using something for more time. Sometimes nothing happens. Other times real fucked up irreversible shit happens. And y’all know that was the best way to describe the setback of a lifetime.

Good: Hair always looking neat. Clean yourself up, look good, even if only for yourself.

Bad: Looking neat does not mean straight hair. Relaxing, blowing, ironing and other ways to control the smallest kink is not necessary. It’s ok to have umph in the hair. I actually get more compliments utilizing this now then I ever got when my hair was super straight.

Well, that’s all I can think of for now.

What have you learned from the salon?

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia B.


4 thoughts on “Things I Learned From Dominican Salons

  1. Hi
    I’m from NY too! There are about 13 Dominican salons and 2 black in my 10 block radius.

    I also had to get out of the Dominican blow out mentality. I been on my hair journey for 2 yrs currently approaching APL but I love this post. Keep them coming 🙂

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