Wash Day

I haven’t roller set in a while. My rest was over lol.

I decided to clarify with Eluence Acidifying Shampoo because my scalp was really itchy. My hair was fine. I’ll do a product review on this soon enough.

Followed up with Silk Dreams Mocha Silk Infusion for about 4 hours. I took a nap. Please don’t judge me.

My hair felt good after rinsing but I have this horrible fear of a setback if I don’t moisturize after protein, so I followed up with Silk Dreams Razzberry Coconut Affair for 20 minutes. Smooth city.

I applied some Inphenom mist and combed through. Then through each section I roller set, I decided this time to use Silk Elements heat protectant to see if it really does work well. It didn’t give me the slip I like from CHI Silk Infusion, but so far I could see myself using it again.



I’m starting to like the Mohawk again.



After taking the rollers out, I was actually amazed how the silk elements actually had my hair feeling like silk.


Forget my roots; my texlaxed hair is woofing lol. My theory is because it’s easier to space out rollers in the back versus the front and my hair is thicker in the front versus the back.


I flat ironed my roots on about 270 (I hope) and it helped, but I still had some texture.

I was playing with my hair and contemplated cutting it back to BSL. Don’t ask me why. I’m tempted. Too tempted. Tempted to the fourth power.


In the end I just dusted and left it alone, but the urge is there and because I feel I have been doing a good job with my hair, I wouldn’t mind cutting it. But I’m tired of me being the reason of keeping myself from WL so I’m gonna get a hobby and keep the urge monster at bay.


This is me, in the end, right before I wrapped it in my satin tie.

How was your wash day?

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia B.

7 thoughts on “Wash Day

  1. Lovely results! I wish I had the willpower to rollerset but I don’t. Really didn’t have it when I was MBL and still don’t have it now while grazing BSL.
    Wash day was nice. Tried SD RCA for the first time. My hair was so smooth and soft! I absolutely love the results. It was immediately put on my staple list. I’m currently stretching with no end in sight so anything that smoothes and softens my NG and relaxed ends really well is a winner in my book.

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