A Tale of Two Twist-Outs: A Product Comparison

Hello Lovelies!

So, I loved my most recent twist out. This time around, I did tighter twist, so they came out with more defined curl. Anyway, so I wanted to do a comparison of a twist out I previously posted. The only difference between both twist-outs are the leave-ins I used.

On both twist outs, I used Annabelle’s Perfect Blends (APB) Blueberry Cheesecake Leave-in Spray and Dominican Magic Silk Serum as my L & O. The first twist out, I used APB Pear Apple Hair Creme and the second twist out I used Silk Dreams (SD) Wheat Germ Butter both as the C. Remember, I do the LCO method.

The twist out with the Annabelle’s I had nice soft hair. My hair was soft the whole week, despite the fact that my hair was a wreck (seriously). My curls lost their definition. But I refused to wash or anything because my hair felt so soft, softer than it’s ever felt. I never had to re moisturize.

Unfortunately, this past wash day, I used the SD and I have been left between a rock and a hard place. The SD is moisturizing, but it’s also a bit smoothing and I thought that would be a problem. Yeah, the problem was that it left my hair just as soft as the Annabelle’s, but my twists held their definition. The whole week. They didn’t fall or flatten. My hair was also smoother and less frizzy because I find the SD to be more smoothing. I did have to re-up on moisture on my ends with this combination though and it’s something I’ve always had to do, but only on the ends, not on the roots.

In the end, my comparison leaves me on the cross roads, but I won’t be giving up either. Why? Because they are both good. I want to preserve my ends as long as possible until I cut them, but what matters to me is how my more textured hair responds since I will have that hair longer than these ends I’m will soon part with (hopefully the end of the year). Last, the APB works best when my hair was driest and since it’s a bit more humid now, my hair is not as dry as it was a month ago.

Using stuff seasonally will hopefully help my products to last longer. I no longer have back-ups, just stuff I use when the time is right. Now how much is in my stash is another story.

What are your favorite leave-ins?

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia B.

4 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Twist-Outs: A Product Comparison

  1. My favorite LI for sure is Komaza Care Matani LI. I get moisture and protein in one go. It’s light but can stand up to all seasons so far. It was great when it was colder here in TX and it’s still good so far now that it’s getting warmer. When I provide it a good moisture base from DCing, the moisture elements of it make sure I keep that base and the protein elements give me some strength.
    It’s becoming time for me to pull the DB Daily LI back out but I think it may be bumped from its place. Between the APB leave in sprays & hair cremes, KC Matani LI, and PBN MMM, my hair has been covered for the changing seasons.
    I’ll do a side by side wash day in the next few weeks to see if I should keep the DB Daily LI in the rotation. I can’t remember how it behaved on my hair which may or may not be a good sign.

    • I’m glad you have variety for the season. It’s really important to use products that are weather friendly to keep one from wondering why products stop working.

  2. I adore the scent of the APB (the blueberry part is very strong, which I love). I also love that has a creamy consistency and my hair is soft and moisturized for 3-4 days.

    Kate J

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