Wash Day

So, I secretly had a wash day last week, but just didn’t get to post it. I’ll start fresh this week.

I started this wash day with some John Masters Bare Shampoo.

Next, I deep conditioned with Annabelle’s Perfect Blends Cocoa and Avocado deep conditioner. I left it on in the shower for 5 minutes, sat under the heating cap for 10 minutes then let it cool for another 10 minutes.

I threw my turbo twistie on my head for about 20 minutes then blow dried on medium (was pressed for time; wanted to go to bed).





Before blow drying I sprayed Annabelle’s Blueberry Cheesecake Leave-In, then applied Annabelle’s Coconut and Olive hair lotion (which doubles as a blow dry aid). I didn’t blow dry bone dry, I usually blow enough to get the roots dry enough, then as I keep blowing, the rest of the hair just dries.


After I blew it out I was left with my weight in hair lol.


I put it up in a bun for bed after applying my homemade ceramide oil.


Yesterday, I just put it up in a bun. It took about 3-4 minutes to just get it in my pony tail holder. And then people wonder why I keep my hair roller set. This time doesn’t include the bun and gel applications. Just getting it together in the pony tail holder smh.

Anyway, I got it together and bunned it as usual.



I will probably restyle my hair this week in a twist out but using the LCO method as keeping it in this fashion just dries it out.

This was my first wash day using Annabelle’s Perfect Blends exclusively, but I can say I do like it. Over Silk Dreams? Never. But it is a line that I can buy all my essentials and so far they work really well. Silk Dreams has spoiled me though because the deep conditioner comes in jars and the leave-in comes in a pump bottle. Whomps to me but in all, it won’t deter me from using the line a little more to give a review.

How was your wash day?

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia B.


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