Failure To Moisturize ( Journey To The Center Of My Back)

On my quest to find the perfect moisturizer, I have officially failed and come back empty handed.


I never found one. I have repeatedly tried many products over these past 3 years spanning from ground and handmade products for all of them to be tossed to the bottom of the sink or given away. It is such a waste because hair products are not cheap, even if you are using something as simple as shea butter and it isn’t working. Having LP hair doesn’t help much either, actually making the quest even harder.

So whats a girl to do? Give up? Well I cannot give up if I haven’t found the solution. My best moisturizer to date is Darcy’s Botanicals Daily Leave-In, but due to certain oils, I had to give it up for now. Though Ill be buying by early fall, the issue still remains that I need a damn moisturizer and Im just tired of looking. And Im sorry, but butters are not moisturizers. You can try to convince moi, but Im not trying to hear it. #errormessage My biggest issue is a moisturizing on straight hair as that is when my hair is most difficult to moisturize (but not keep moisturized, if that makes sense).

Then, getting myself in trouble reading Relaxed Hair Health (it’s the best informational blog you are/are not reading), she had to make this kitty curious and mention Inphenom Hair Mist. Ive mentioned using it a few times and will do a review soon. I actually got my hands on a bottle hoping that the price was worth the contents and not the other way around. I have been using it a month and a half now and one thing I can say is that since using it, I have not found the need to use a moisturizer. NONE. IDK why or how, but I can go by two weeks without moisturizing. Ive been dusting, Ive been dusting, and I haven’t had to dust. You would think not moisturizing 2 weeks in a row is a precursor to dry hair, and so did I, but I guess those amino acids just help a sister out. With this product I use CHI or something silicone based. Pretty much the LO method.

This last week, I did the LCO method with Annabelle’s Perfect Blends (APB) Blueberry Cheesecake Leave-In (it’s a liquid spray), topped that with APB hair crème and topped that with a silicone. My hair was soft all week. Like butta. Imagine washing hair that is the softest its been in years. It might be the Silk Amino Acids.

Both products, I noticed, are both are liquids and both have amino acids, which are far better for the hair than protein for many reasons. The only one I care to explain is that SAA help prepare the hair to receive either protein or moisture more readily. Since using either product, moisturizing is not an issue. My hair is not suffering either. Water used to be my leave-in, but it was because I had nothing else to turn to.

On my quest, I was not able to find what I intended to find, but I did find a better alternative. I am not telling you to go out and buy either product I bought, but I am saying that when one type of product fails, perhaps its time to look for an alternative. I have been looking for a leave-in, but it wasn’t as important to me as a moisturizer since you’d only use a leave in once, versus a moisturizer. Now that I found a leave-in, two actually, it reduces the fact that the 3 moisturizers I have will remain just at that. No need to search anymore. I will return to my humble village with platinum instead of gold making all the villagers, which is my hair, proud. Im three years in my journey and my focus right now is staples. Honestly, Im finding them, but its sad how having a good leave-in makes such a difference.

Would you agree?

One Day, It Will Happen

Tasia B.

2 thoughts on “Failure To Moisturize ( Journey To The Center Of My Back)

  1. I’m hoping you might have changed my life with this info. No exaggeration, because the dryness of my hair is the bane of my existence. Having low porosity hair means I’m constantly searching for moisture, constantly researching, constantly disappointed. I hope this is a game changer.

    • It was for me. After finding a good leave-in, I’m not so eager to find a moisturizer anymore. Our hair holds moisture better inside versus outside, so it’s really helping me out.

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