Wash Day and Flat Iron

Hey Lovies!!!!

So I have been wanting to flat iron my hair for a while. While my energy is back, I figured I’d go for it before I lose my energy before I get into the third trimester.

I started with washing with John Master’s Bare Shampoo. Ill review this after my next wash day.

DC’ed with Naturelle Grow Coconut and Mango (? I hope that right but I truly forgot) deep conditioner under my steamer. It burned, as it seems my scalp is a bit dandruffy and sensitive these days, so I stayed under for 10 minutes.

I towel dried with a turbo twistie for about an hour and my hair was still tons of wet. I let my hair sit out for about 30 minutes, then added some water (it dried up a bit, a fan is blowing on me) Annabelles Perfect Blends Blueberry Cheesecake Leave-In (its a liquid spray) and it has avocado oil.

I sprayed some Inphenom Mist on top of it then combed through.

Last, I added some Dominican Magic Silk Serum.

This was me:




I added some Organix Keratin Oil right before I ironed. I used an FHI Platform this time. I set the dial between 300 and 370 hoping it was at a good 320. I liked it better than the Sedu. My hair came out much sleeker.



I know my hair is normal density, but I think its only normal straight because when it isn’t straight, I swear its high density. I got it really straight. I was very impressed. I would press the roots a few times, then pass slowly (not a snails pace though) and loosed my grip at the bottom.



The front my hair is a bit more resistant than the back, but I got it made!



DH helped me dust and Im back at a U until the V lurks its ugly head again.




I am not waist length. In the picture below, while giving you a peek at 19 week belly and boobs (not my intention), I put a hair pin at my used-to-be-waist to show you that Im still MBL. I still have about 3 inches to go. I figure I will be there by my shower or the end of the year. My shower is looking hopeful since my hair is growing like weeds right now. I have about 10 week new growth at 7 weeks post now. I think Im 7 weeks post.



DH was touching my hair, something he never does, and said it was soft.

Mission Accomplished!!!!

How was your wash day?

One Day, It Will Happen

Tasia B.


11 thoughts on “Wash Day and Flat Iron

  1. Awww! Look at your little belly! Your hair looks so thick! Love it! You WILL be WL well before the end of the year.

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