Wash Day

This wash day, I made (well DH actually) made a very sad discovery: dandruff. While I was showing him my new growth and complaining that I have about 2 months of growth in 6 weeks (don’t roll your eyes) he was touching my scalp and looked closely and saw I have dandruff. I’m not sure if it’s the hormones or because my scalp as been itching like crazy and I’ve been washing every 2 weeks lately, but I know I must go back to washing weekly. No question about it.


So I started by prepooing (you read that right!) with some coconut oil. This is the good stuff and was handmade by DH aunt in Dominican Republic. All I smelled was coconut heaven. I massaged it into my scalp and let it sit for a couple hours.


Then I washed with Eluence Acidifying Shampoo (?) by diluting it in a 1:1 ratio (since is 2x concentrated) and it worked really well.

Followed with SheScentIt Okra Reconstructor. I was going to use the Komaza since I had it first, but it says to keep on for 20-30 minutes and I really didn’t feel like the hopping out the shower to come back and rinse twice; even though I just use my shower head once I get out. The SSI only 10 minutes and it’s all I needed.

I rinsed some of it out and layered that with Naturelle Grow Coconut and Mango deep conditioner for about an hour. Then I rinsed and was able to detangle.

I put on my turbo twistie for 40 minutes and judging that my hair was still dripping water, I take that the protein was needed because my hair held on to a lot of water. I can’t really comment on the SSI because I didn’t bother to really feel its effects, but my hair didn’t feel hard, rather softer and rejuvenated. I can see myself using it again.

I followed with the LCO method using Annabelle’s Perfect Blends Blueberry Cheesecake Leave-In Conditoner (L) and Pear Apple Creme (C) and Dominican Magic Silk Shine Hair Serum (O).


I twisted my hair up and went to bad. How about my hair never dried. Well my roots did, but not the length. My hair actually feels pretty strong and not lacking and is bouncing back. I don’t hate this LCO combination though water is my ultimate liquid in LCO.

After I took it out, I was a tad upset that I only had texture from the twist at the roots, not the length because it didn’t dry. Better luck tonight.


How was your wash day?

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia B.


5 thoughts on “Wash Day

  1. Wash day was rough :-\
    Bad prepoo with L’Oreal Total Repair Balm (left it in too long) which led to a bad shampoo. Ended up having to clarify with Redken to get my hair back on track.
    Used Naturelle Grow Mango and Coconut Water DC mixed with KV Bhringraj Oil under steamer for 45 minutes. Put PM Super Skinny Daily Treatment over that and let it hang out for a few hours. Not sure how I feel about the DC yet. My relaxed ends seemed to like it, NG didn’t feel any way about it. Will give it one more try since I only bought the 4 ounce container.
    Ended up just stretching my 18 week roots with croc clips, putting my ends in a bun and throwing on a hat. Just wasn’t feeling my hair this weekend

      • No dry heat, just the steamer. Used Komaza Care Matani Leave In Conditioner for a dose of protein but no treatment or DC. No issues after I was done, actually lost less hair after detangling than last wash day. Ends and NG are soft. I may try the Mango & Coconut Water DC with the hooded dryer to see if I prefer it that way.
        This past weekend was just off for me and my hair. I’ll bounce back next wash day.

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