Journey to the Center of My Back: Self-Motivation

While looking through my IG deleting pictures (my IG is ratchet because I don’t post pictures that let people know too much about me) I saw these two pictures:


I have them posted on the blog, but the significance about these photos are the weeks difference.

The purple shirt was taken about 11 months ago while the green shirt was just about 5 weeks ago. I’ll put money that based on the angles of these pictures, these are fresh relaxer pictures 😛

I get so caught up in other blogs, Pinterest and forums with all the hair porn that I often forget my own progress. Looking at these pictures serve as my own self motivation because in these two pictures I can see that making health a priority always wins.

The factors that have changed in my regimen??? Hmmm… Well we know I had to change shampoo. Conditioner wise, nothing; I believe it’s been Silk Dreams since the beginning. I changed my relaxer, but I doubt that made a difference. Styling? I’ve been airdrying more, and bunning less (but not much less). Otherwise, I’ve just been sticking to what I normally do.

It’s always good to take pictures, even if you keep them to yourself. It can help you reflect on what you are or are not doing and determine what is working and how you are progressing. Don’t get me wrong, I love my share of hair porn but you’ve got to look at your progress as well to evaluate if you should stick with the script, edit a few pages, find a ghostwriter or burn the manuscript and start from scratch again.

You are your own hair porn!

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia B.

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