Requested: Updated Regimen

So, I got a request a while back about updated my regimen, but at the time I had just found out I was pregnant, so I didn’t want to write a post on a regimen I knew would change.

Prior, I would:
Coffee rinse
Condition (with heat)
Roller set or Air dry
Monthly I would clarify and protein

Now, I:
Wash (1x a week-2x monthly and clarify when needed)
Condition (with heat always, protein when needed)
Final Rinse
Roller set

I’ve also made some changes in products I use. Because some essential oils and other items are not safe during during pregnancy, I had to cut A LOT of items out my life for now. A lot of stuff penetrates the integumentary, some to different extents. I’ll explain.

Paul Mitchell: contains rosemary and henna which are not recommended. It’s diluted in and stuff, but I’m just not taking chances.

Redken Cleansing Cream: Contains Retinol Palmitate. A big no-no.

Millcreek Organics Keratin Conditioner: contains retinyl palmitate

Darcy’s Botanicals Pumpkin Seed Conditioner: #lesigh contains clary sage and thyme oil. Also no-no’s.

Naturelle Grow: the marshmallow contains cinnamon (no-no) and the chamomile and herbal blends both contain slippery elm which have not been recommended because it needs further research. My youngest sister got a nice care package #hmph

Cleansing Conditoners
Darcy’s Botanicals: see Pumpkin Seed

Hair One: too many essential oils.

Darcy’s Botanicals Daily Leave-In:
Contains frankincense and myrrh.

Any oils Ayurvedic or with essential oils, hibiscus, or extracts that I cannot currently drink in a tea have been put to the side. Anything with tea extracts should not have caffeine so for the time being I have not eliminated those.

As for what I am using
Bobeam Honey and Oats Shampoo bar
John Masters Bare Shampoo
Clarifier- Just purchased Eluence Moisture Acidifying which contains natural Grapefruits Alpha Hydroxy Acids

Silk Dreams Conditioners.
Naturelle Grow Coconut and Mango without emu oil.
Annabelle’s Perfect Blends with the smallest amount of preservatives.
Komaza Care protein treatment.
Kanechom Shea Butter and Keratin (All ingredients in different conditioners are not created equal with this line).

Heat Protectant:
CHI Silk Infusion
Inphenom Hair Treatment

Kerastase Oleo-Relax Serum
Dominican Magic Serum

Leave-in and Moisturizers:  
Silk Dreams Wheat Germ Conditioner
PuraBody Naturals MuruMuru Moisture Milk
Annabelles Perfect Blends Coconut and Olive Hair Lotion (works well as a blow-out cream too)

The next time I plan to relax is in July. I have rarely heard anything bad about relaxing during pregnancy, just that the hair grows so fast it is pointless. I am going to honestly say I am agreeing with that so far as I am 5 weeks post and I have growth I would normally see at 8 weeks post.

I know it seems extreme, but I’d just rather err on the side of caution. Most of this stuff (essential oils and certain chemicals) are only an issue if used directly or in high concentrations, and most warning pertain to skin care since the concentrations are higher, but not when it’s mixed in and diluted, but I still don’t want to deal with chances.

Thanks for asking. Little does anyone know, this made me get my hormonal booty together lol.  I will be updating my face regimen soon and trust me, a face regimen is much harder than a hair regimen during pregnancy.

One Day, It Will Happen

Tasia B.


4 thoughts on “Requested: Updated Regimen

    • I just know certain oils and chemical have to be stayed away from. Peppermint and lavender seem to be ok for daily use as well as some others. Most concerns stem from high concentrations, direct contact and not enough research. There was a lot I had to cut down on because of high vitamin content too like retinols/retinyls which is in most skin are products. It was frustrating. I’m sure I was just being crazy, but the first trimester is the most crucial.

      • Thanks for making me aware of this, I had not thought of it and really it is so true. I would also want to cut out all these vitamins and oils if I was expecting too. You are right the first trimester is indeed so crucial.

        I was more aware about the food we take in and really didn’t think of the many different product ingredient that we use on a HHJ.

      • I most researched food, but something told me to look into skin care because I knew certain anti-aging products weren’t safe. Good thing I looked into it.

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