Protecting Your Hair In Non-Protective Styles

It is no secret that Black hair can be a bit more fragile than other ethnicities.

When I started my journey, I had to stop wearing my hair out, even in ponytails, and it killed me. For the past who knows how many years, my hair was always out. Ponytails and buns were rare or only done on “bad hair days”. Imagine how down I felt when my hair had to start being hidden. My frame of mind was always “no one will know what my hair looks like up” but as much as I hated it, I stuck with it. The couple times I tried to wear a ponytail, I would end up with dry ends. I just figured I would never have the luxury of enjoying my hair because it was so “dry”. I pretty much gave up.

Then, after my recent wash day, I just thought to myself “I have to enjoy my hair”. Why am I going through so much time and money and I’m just going to wear my hair up or in a bun. Thats so boring, and I am nothing short of boring. So I got to thinking. When you know you want to wear your hair in a non-protective style, such as out or down, regardless of the style, there are a few things you want to keep in mind:

  • Make sure hair is clean
  • Make sure hair is protected and moisturized
  • Make sure the style is done in moderation

So following my wash day, I used Kerastate Oleo-Relax serum. I like this serum, but its not heavy. I wore a ponytail for two days, and the results were cool, but I could see it would leave me with dry ends eventually. So then I thought about it; what if I just need a heavier serum to prevent my hair from drying out?

Thats when I had my “aha” moment!

I remember eyeing some Dominican Magic Silk Shine Hair Serum and remembering in my salon days how it was really thick. So then I decided maybe thats what I needed. When hair is rubbing on clothes, regardless the material, it is still being put through some wear. The point of using oils and sealers is to prevent the dryness from coming out, but some can rub off easily, especially lighter oils and serums. For me, with Kerastase, that can be just a few hours to one day despite its cone content because it is still light. The Dominican Magic (DM) is really thick and a little goes a long way.

Last night, I decided to use this serum after I took my bun down. My hair wasn’t dry, but I decided to experiment anyway. I used some SD WGBC then DM from mid strand to ends. Then I wrapped my hair (to rid my hair of bun dents, otherwise, I just loosely bun my hair at night). This morning, I had really smooth ends. When I got home, I did not need to moisturize or seal because my hair was soft, dry and smooth. I did anyway, but thats because Im like you and would be paranoid anyway.


Im gonna say this DM is going to be a keeper as I would like to start enjoying my hair more. Im not saying I want to wear my hair in a ponytail daily, but 3 times a week would be nice. This stuff is silicone based and thick, but for a non-protective styles, you need to protect the hair by preventing its breakage while doing something that would cause breakage in the first place. Think of an antacid; you would take it before you know you would eat something that is going to wreak havoc on your stomach to prevent the burn and discomfort. In this case, moisturizing and heavy sealing with a product that contains a thick molecule that is slightly impermeable will protect the hair longer with non-protective styling. Even when I use my Oleo-Relax, it does not yield the same results. The only thing comparable I can think of is Wheat Germ Oil, but its so sticky…

This is my 3-day old pony, after using my winning combination.


Now, Im not telling you to go out and buy cones or DM. Im just saying that when you want to enjoy your hair, and that means not protective styling, look at the bullets above for reference. You have to prevent breakage because we all know our hair is prone to breakage. Do some serious heavy sealing with a product that will not rub off easily. A pomade might be to heavy, but it may be a better alternative than a butter or cones if you don’t prefer them.  Certain ceramide oils are good too, but might be too thick or light as well. Experiment and see. Wheat germ oil was nice but heavy to me and grape seed was too light for me. Experiment.

Moral of the story: Enjoy your hair without a setback.

One Day, It Will Happen

Tasia B.

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