Wash Day

So it had been two weeks since my last wash day.

I started with washing with my Bobeam Honey and Oats Shampoo Bar (should I review this soon?).

Followed with some Silk Dreams Shea What! I knew I did not feel like setting at night, so I left the conditioner overnight and set in the morning.

After I rinsed the SD SW out, I did a 10-minute condition with Kanechom Shea Butter and Keratin conditioner. Mostly for the slip, lastly for the shine. Worked like a charm.

I decided to do a traditional Mohawk this time around because with my 4 quadrants, it’s hard to fit under my stand-up dryer. I re-wet my hair with my spray bottle, sprayed some Inphenpm hair treatment, added some CHI Silk Infusion and combed everything through. Then I set.





So here you see I was able to do the Mohawk. When you have a lot if slip, it makes it easier. I still like to make 5 sections though: the Mohawk, then for the sides, separate the front and back. That way, you deal with so much hair and tangles at once.

I believe I used 4 less rollers this way.

Also, I have been using bigger rollers lately. Only because I like smaller rollers and the volume, but the bigger ones give you straighter hair and have less drying time 🙂 less time in a wash day is always a plus!

Last, I applied some Kerastase Oleo-Relax serum (I need to just use this stuff, so I’ll be committing myself to use it)

I went out with DH and while putting my hair up in a bun, I saw I could do a ponytail #cheesysmile

It has been so long since I have been happy with my ponytail. They used to be so puny and pathetic and as I have been growing my hair out and getting it healthy, sometimes you could see the bad ends unless it was flat ironed. So you know I felt myself for 2 days (because I was scared to feel myself for a 3rd day).



I went shopping for some shirts and when I got into the fitting room, I thought someone else was in the fitting room and when I realized it was me, I took another picture. If I try this pony again, it has the potential to be an epic fail. I know myself well to know that I am capable of that disaster.


I’m definitely happy with this inphenom so far but it has two more tests to pass: blow drying and flat iron. I think it will pass though.

How was your wash day?

One Day, It Will Happen
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