Random Nothings About… Hair

So I’ve been posting a little less lately. That has something to do with my body making a placenta, but I’m still here being a diva as usual. Just been outta energy, but it’s coming back, I’m looking forward to the weather warming up and getting a few hairstyles in my head to experiment with later 🙂

I changed my regimen and stopped using a lot of products. I had to stop tea/coffee rinsing because of the caffeine. I’ve been staying away from Ayurveda because of possible concerns with that (but I do miss it!). I stopped using my Paul Mitchell because of the rosemary and henna extract which may not be safe for me right now. Some say extreme, but I’m just being cautious. Any retailer I buy from I customize my products and ask questions. I even stopped using Darcy’s because her PSC has sage and thyme oil which shouldn’t be used right now.

With that being said, my dear cousin took more than a few of my keravada oils. I was livid, but I would never ask her for them back (but that didn’t stop me from asking for my face cream back). Luckily, I hid a few in my closet beforehand, but she got the ones that I made accessible. I love my cousin so I’m not that mad, but….

Here is a picture my friend sent me:


This was a year before I started my journey. So that would be Winter 2010. My hair was creeping past SL in this picture but I was SL. The longest my hair ever reached before my journey was just past SL (but never really APL) and that was long for me. I was also bone straight, which I’m not today. My, my how things change. It took a while, but it happens.

Haven’t been making hair purchases lately and that’s mostly because I think I’ve found my staples. I purchased some Annabelle’s Perfect Blends conditioners because my hair will need help with the upcoming spring where protein and moisture becomes fremenies and I wanna cry, but otherwise, I’ve only been looking for a moisturizer and I think her products might be a winner.

Washing my hair less this Winter has helped with dryness. I will employ this method next winter. Once every two weeks when the weather is consistently under 30 degrees. It’s gonna warm up this coming week, so I’ll be back to every week washing.

Last but not least: I’m dying for a potbelly sandwich. That is all.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia B.


12 thoughts on “Random Nothings About… Hair

  1. :):):):):):) I’m so happy for you! I’m sure you’re adorable right now. I bet your skin is amazing. My mom told me she missed that the most when she had me. Her skin was so radiant lol. Congrats Tasia. I’m glad your talking about it now. I was going to bust tryin’ to hold it in HAHA!

    • Thank you. My skin is more sensitive and dryer these days, which I expected because it usually changes. But I’m getting it under control. I just had to change my regimen. Again.

    • Thank you.

      My thought exactly. My friend kept telling me about this picture so I finally asked her for it to see for myself. I feel better about myself lol

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