Hair + Cold Weather = No Ma’am

Back when I was at a hair meet-up, we had a conversation about how to keep the hair moisturized, especially in the winter. It is not fun keeping moisturized hair in the winter because that hair is brutal. This winter, the air was dry as all heck and a disaster on anyones hair, but I did learn a valuable lesson on how to keep my hair moisturized.

Keep it hidden!

Seriously. If you can, do it. At the meet and greet, one of the comment made by a natural is that when she gets home, she immediately ties a scarf on her head and that helped her hair tremendously. With this polar vortex, I have had to wear a hat and since I have an active job, I can afford to wear a hat all day. If you can’t, find SOMETHING. I have tried countlessly trying to add water, moisturizers, oils, pomades, butters, clarifying, bagging, steaming, you name it. The only thing that worked for me so far is keeping my hair up in a satin scarf.

Sounds boring, but my hair is soft and shiny! Im not crying much about the cold weather.

Even back when I used to work indoors, when it was cold out, I remember styling my hair at work to avoid having my hair brave the cold. It was only recently I started having winter hair problems due to not covering my head.


4 thoughts on “Hair + Cold Weather = No Ma’am

  1. I have the world’s warmest wooly winter hat. I’d been afraid to use it in the past because A. I wanted to look super cute, and B. I didn’t want to ruin my hair. Now that beanies are in style, I rock that thing almost everyday with a satin cap on underneath to protect my hair. I’m warm and my hair is happy. Two birds one stone! Woop!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

  2. I totally agree with you! I have never really experience the drying winter but this winter it has been real! I wish I could bag by hair often but that will only get my scalp mad.
    I also agree with KLP’s dilemma of looking cute! I have perfected the silk scarf with a bow to make it stylish

    • Yeah. I had KLP’s dilemma but it was so cold I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to made the choice, but I’m glad it did come with an upset no matter how disappointing I looked to myself.

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