Wash Day

So I’m finally getting around to posting about wash day. The weather sucks right now.

I didn’t really wear my hair out much last week, but since I relaxed, I wanted to get this wash in.

I started with Bobeam Honey and Oats Shampoo Bar.

Followed up with Bask Cacao Bark conditioner. I was not a fan of this. It went on ok, but it just sat on the top of my head like a loser. I sat under heat for an hour then let it sit at room temp for 40 minutes. This is what it looked like:


I was completely unhappy with this DC. It combed well when I rinsed and I had minimal detangling when rollersetting, but I don’t like the way it felt or it didn’t feel like it absorbed at all.

I sectioned my hair in three and a) sprayed my hair with water b) sprayed with Inphenom hair treatment and c) added some CHI Silk infusion.

That combination was spectacular. I thought the inphenom would be too much, but it actually made for those with dry hair and I definitely had moisturized hair after. I would definitely recommend to those who have constantly dry hair. You do need to use heat with it though.

Here are my results:



Can you tell I loved my results? I WILL be repeating this wash day! bask excluded though.

How was your wash day?

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


12 thoughts on “Wash Day

  1. I Wasn’t much impressed with it either but it wasn’t horrible…but man oh man do I like their vanilla whiskey soak! I love how thick your hair is btw!

    • I hear the vanilla whiskey is good but in scared to try after the cacao bark. We will see if I try it in the future 😦

  2. Awesome results! Your hair is so thick…love it!
    I’ve been curious about shampoo bars. I’ve read good things about Bobeam’s bars (just ordered a sample set). Some things I came across about shampoo bars in general said that shampoo bars can leave buildup/film on your hair (especially if you have hard water- which I do). Have you experienced any of that?

    • Thank you.

      As for the shampoo bars, I haven’t noticed a film but I can see how that can happen. My state doesn’t have hard water, so I’m the worse person to ask but I haven’t noticed any build-up. I would still prefer my paul mitchell shampoo one over the shampoo bar, but I still like the shampoo bar. It might depend in ingredients too.

      • Ahhh ok. I wish! My state has some of the hardest water so it can be rough on hair.
        I’ll try the sample bars I ordered (ACV/Bentonite Clay, Rootz Growth, Cheri Hibiscus, & Goat Milk and Honey) and keep an eye on how it goes.

  3. Smh, you sets are so flipping pretty its almost frustrating. I always say I’m going to set more once I see yours, but never do LOL!

    I definitely agree about the Inphenom Mist. The stuff has my hair laid everytime I use it. I’m thinking about testing the the Aphoghee Keratin and Green Tea Reconstructorizer to see if it compares.

  4. DARN! I was hoping you would like Cacao! It is a very finiky product. Honestly, I have to use heat for over an hour to get it to really penetrate, but once it does, I get soft, manageable hair everytime. I also have to make sure I rinse well with warm water or it will leave a film. The Vanilla Whiskey isn’t as heavy and thick and rinses cleaner from the hair. If you can, maybe grab a sample before purchasing a big jar. Now then, what is this Inphenom hair treatment?? Your hair looks so smooth and shiny. Was it because of the Inphenom hair treatment?

    • The issue with the cacao is I didn’t feel it absorbed. It detangled very well and I had a good rollerset, but I just didn’t feel like my hair was conditioned. I feel like the results were seen after my hair was dried, but not before.

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