10 Of The Biggest Hair Mistakes

According to Women’s Health, there are 10 big hair nono’s.

Black hair, IMO, is outside of the norms of most hair articles when they are not targeted towards black hair specifically, so sometimes, with these articles, I take em with a grain of salt.

Let’s talk about this.

1. Not Brushing Before Washing
Hair gets more tangled with wet, and that’s true, but I can only comb my hair before washing when my hair is straight. When my hair is air dried, a comb is not touching my head. I can really only partially agree with this.

2. Brushing the Ends Only
I do agree with this. Brushing too much does cause breakage, but brushing only the ends, the old part of your hair, is not saving your hair. You need to move that sebum, even if it’s just a little. It won’t hurt, just don’t over do it.

3. Being a Clean Freak
I partially agree with this. Chronic washing is not good, since it can leave the hair too dry. If you use a lot of styling products, you should wash weekly or when necessary. If you feel build-up, you need to wash. But you don’t only need to solely shampoo, and while it may be necessary, co-washing can not be an absolute option. You’ve just got to know when to clean and when to partially clean.

4. Haphazard Conditioning
I agree with this. Conditioning too little or too much is not a good thing. I hope no one just conditions the ends only. That will dry out your hair. In my salon days, I swear my hair was never conditioned properly. It takes time, but condition your hair thoroughly and in sections. Slapping it on does absolutely nothing. Also, conditioning too much is not a good thing. It leads to dry, mushy hair. Also, I know conditioner can be expensive, but never be cheap with its use to save a buck. If it is hurting your pockets that bad, find an alternative. Expensive conditioner that doesn’t last long is not worth the effort.

5. Intense Towel Drying
Most styling products direct you to use them on towel-dried hair, but rubbing hair too much will roughen up the cuticle, leading to dull hair, frizz, and breakage. Blot hair with a towel and shake out the strands with your fingers. Your hair will take longer to dry, but it will be healthier in the long run.
If your going to towel dry, don’t even blot. Just throw the towel (or Tshirt) on your hair and secure it in a spa way (you know what I mean) for no longer than 40 minutes. Keeping the hair in one direction is the key. Even blotting is no good. You’ll thank me later (hopefully).

6. Skipping Heat Protection
I totally agree with this. Even when I blow out on cool, I still use something with some kind of protein because it is still high velocity air. Always use a heat protectant, regardless to how small heat or damage you think it will be. You’ll keep your hair longer much longer.

7. Using Hot Irons on Damp Hair
Wet hair and hot tools don’t mix.

I agree with this. Even when I blow dry on cool, I make sure that my hair is at least 70% dry and still let it dry a little at room temperature before blowing it out. This prevents excessive drying of the hair. In my college days I used to blow dry soaking wet hair and get upset I spent over an hour blow drying my hair. It felt like forever. I will never do that again. The only really safe method for using heat tools on wet hair is roller setting.

8. Using Hairspray Before Styling
Outside of heat protectants (which should also dry a little before use), limit finishing products until your finished. I don’t use hair spray, but sometimes in the salon I would see otherwise….

9. Teasing with Abandon
I agree. I don’t tease my hair, but if you feel your hair is too thin or lifeless, just try using volumizing products or just check your hair products and make sure they aren’t smoothing. Smoothing products can flatten the hair, causing you to think otherwise. You’ll reduce breakage by manipulation by just changing a product here and there.

10. Thinking You Can Mend Split Ends
I tried. You cannot. You can use products, but you will have to cut. Something I learned is that if you want to cut gradually, cut a good amount of ends that will at least allow the hair to be stronger and prevent a good amount of breakage. Then, set a goal of how much to cut within a certain amount of time. I want to cut about 2-3 inches by the end of the year, but since I dusted a good amount last year, I might not even need too. If you cut a good amount (not all of your ends), and dust gradually, you may achieve the same goal, just not feel so awful about it.

We all hate cutting our ends. Hair growth takes time. Just make a plan.

I got this info from Women’s Health for reference. I’m not disagreeing with everything, but I’m not agreeing with it either.

Hope you enjoyed.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia B.

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