Random Nothings About… Hair

So, I recently relaxed and for once, I am not thinking about it. Im still being lazy with my hair though. Left it wrapped for 2 days and only wore it in a bun to remind myself something is there.


My mother sent this picture to me last night. As a child I had too much hair and I don’t even think I was 3 here. I have much respect for my mother. I don’t know how she dealt with this head, considering resources were limited then, but if I ever have a daughter, a hat will be her daily hairstyle.

On the search for a good setting foam, but my hair has told me on several occasions it only like cones.

My friend told me the other day she wanted to cut her hair because she feels like she will never have what I have. That really hurt me. I used to feel like that when I read Ms. Kibibi and Just Grow Already. At some point, I felt like “that will never be me” but I had to change my way of thinking to “One Day, It Will Happen”. Look to others for inspiration, help, advice and guidance. Learn from their struggle (and discover a few products along the way). Ive been on my journey for over 2 years now. I started at a length between SL and APL and I had thin, bone straight hair. There were some areas where you could see my scalp and my ponytail was pathetic. I’ve come a long way and Im one of those women who believes in working hard for great results. I want everyone to have that attitude.

While Im trying to limit my stash to staples, I managed to catch a good product swap with brand new items. Im finally trying some Marie Dean Repair Mask (no time soon though), Kerastase conditioner, SheScentIt Okra Reconstructor (no time soon either), Silk Elements heat protectant and Inphenom Mist Hair Treatment (Relaxed Hair Health got me again). Becoming less of a PJ is a year end goal, so I still have time lol.

I need to start using more items before I open more but right now its hard because the changing weather plays with my moisture level. I put some new and partially used conditioners away to force myself to use the two I have open. Protein conditioners don’t count.

Whats on your mind?

One Day, It Will Happen

Tasia B.


2 thoughts on “Random Nothings About… Hair

  1. That childhood pic is just too precious!

    I remember those days. My grandma slathering my scalp in her Pine tar castor mix. Me getting my hair press every 2 weeks on the nose. Me living in pochantas braids….my mother almost dying when I cut my into a bob LOL!

    Girl, its funny when you look back. So eventful.

    • Most of my pictures my hair is done. That was the only one I could find with it out. I don’t know how they did it, but I respect it!

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