Relaxer Day




So, last week I was a bit under the weather on painkillers. Im better, but please believe I am a few post behind where I need to be.

Im back.

So, by Saturday, I felt better enough to wash my hair. It was such a catastrophe that I would have had to wash again and because I was not still feeling great, it made no sense to air dry my hair again if I was just going to be lazy with it since I couldn’t get around “well”.

So I decided to end my 16 week stretch. Im not going to risk a setback to attain a stretching goal just because I need to. Things happen and keeping your eyes on prize needs to always be the goal.

So this is what I started with:




My sister gave me the idea that when doing the half and half method, to just finger part your twist instead of putting your head through the constant manipulation of a fine-tooth comb. This actually took less time (45 minutes) versus an hour the old way.



So, I didn’t feel like using CHI Silk Infusion because its just too expensive. I decided to get some IC Fantasia Hair Strengthening Spray that contains Aloe, Keratin and Silk Amino Acids that sealed my cuticle well. Then, I twisted and coated with my handy dandy Crisco.

Next, I used my sprush and applied Linange Shea Butter Relaxer to the new growth of each twist, then unraveled the twist to get relaxer in between the [new growth] twist and moved from bottom right half to  top right half. This seems like a lot, but it took me 1 minute less to this (13 minutes compared to 14 minutes) because I am unraveling the twist as I go along versus taking them out the last minute, then straight to neutralizing. I use Motions Neutralizing Shampoo and left it in for 30 minutes while I relaxed and neutralized the other side. Had to play catch up. Then the second wash was done together. The last wash was with Isoplus NS which has the color indicator. That stayed in less that 3o seconds when the shampoo stayed white. Last, I used Naturelle Grow Coconut and Mango conditioner for 1 hour.

Next, I roller set. I had to use the black Diane rollers. I don’t think I can use the grey ones anymore.



I still had a lot of texture as my roller set took me 30 minutes to set using Aphogee Green Tea and Keratin spray since I did not use Roux Porosity control this go around. The Aphogee was actually really good after a chemical service. A little hardening too, but Id rather be safe than sorry. It hasn’t given me breakage either.


I dusted the back half of my hair and was impressed with the fact that I really didn’t have too. It looks like a V, but I just pushed it together for the picture because I have to stand on my tip toes to take a selfie.



And this was the end result after fluffing and adding some Keravada Bringraj Oil:



In the end, I am really happy. I am not upset I ended my stretch. To me, its just taking care of my hair. Some people cannot afford that attitude yet, and that’s ok (separate post coming), but when you hair gets to a certain point, you realize that while you set goals, you have to be able to improvise at a moments notice. For me, it was because I am not sure how long this cold weather is going to last and I cannot be bothered with having matted hair. I’m lazy right now because the cold weather gives you no motivation to try. If you need to end a stretch to avoid a setback, make that decision. Don’t feel bad because you can’t go longer; you will feel worse when hindsight shows you should have followed your instincts.

I hope you enjoyed my relaxer results. I was not expecting this, but I am glad I did it!

One Day, It Will Happen

Tasia B.


18 thoughts on “Relaxer Day

  1. Beautiful results! I think I may invest in some Silk Amino Acids once I’m done protective styling with wigs and begin relaxing again. I’m determined to reach my length goals this year – by any means necessary! Thanks for the reminder.

    • Hey Ebony,

      Thank you and your welcome. You should still have some good thickness from the wigs. I’m glad I found out about silk because it has turned around my relaxer results dramatically.

  2. Yay for a length check. Its my favorite part of relaxer day! And I’m super happy that you’re feeling better. I’m not sure when its worse to get sick—when its cold and you’re stuck in the house or when its hot…and you’re still stick in the house.

    I completely agree that you have to know when its time to throw in the towel on stretching. When it starts to feel like you’re doing more harm than good—break out the relaxer!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    • It’s always worse. Lol.


      I just had to stop my stretch because I knew it would get out of hand quick and I worked hard for my progress.

  3. Grear to hear you are feel better, it terrible to try to do hair when you are under the weather.
    Your relaxer results are absolutely amazing and your hair thickness….oh my!
    The relaxer method that you used is really clever, I saw a video with this style on youtube and thought this is how I would be doing my relaxers going forward.
    Finallt before I write up an essay, you have really made a good point about stretching and the need to end it before a setback takes root, I needed to hear that! Goal setting can get out of control.
    great results again

    • Thank you.

      I actually got the idea to do that from my sister who did a video on YouTube. It was less time consuming overall as my relaxer process took about much less time due to less stuff going on in my head. I would definitely recommend this method.

  4. Gorgeous Tasia! Your hair is thriving girl! I totally agree with what you said about ending a stretch to avoid a setback. Unless you are transitioning, there is no reason to put your hair through unnecessary stress just for the sake of doing a super long stretch. WL, here you come!!

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