Wash Day

Hooray for wash days!

Started by washing with Bobeam Oats and Honey Shampoo bar. I’m glad I finally gave this a try because I got a gentle clean and my hair didn’t cry.

Next, I conditioned with Naturelle Grow Coconut and Mango deep conditioner. I purchased this without emu oil and used for 1 hour with 30 minutes of heat. So far, I like it. I had soft, detangled hair.

Next I used my turbo twistie and dried for about 30 minutes.




I’m happy new growth is still tamable. After, I detangled by re-spraying my hair with a little water, adding some Pura Body Naturals MuruMuru Moisture Milk and using my diffuser to dry. My hair was not completely dry, but it helps.

I did a two strand twist by adding some more PBN MMMM then rolled them in flexi rods. Because I didn’t twist the rods as I pulled my hair up, the twist came out straighter than they should have. I honestly didn’t care since it inspired me to try a halo/crown affect on my hair I cannot achieve with tighter twist.



How was your wash day?

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia B.


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