Wash Day

So, this last wash day I had been laying on my couch with dead hair a week. Friday, I finally decided to find my feet and some energy to do my hair.

So I washed with Shea Moisture Deep Cleansing Shampoo. It clarified, but it was not stripping. I tried using it diluted (50/50 solution) and it was ok but concentrated was much better for me. I also had to let it sit for about a minute. I have thick strands, so if your are on the medium side, I would recommend a 50/50 poo/water solution and if your hair is fine, a 70/30 solution. Why? Because I can see this stuff being strong. If you are interested in it, try it just once concentrated and if it is too much, use it concentrated. My relaxed hair ironically could not use it diluted, but the texlaxed and new growth could.

Followed up with Curl Junkie Curl Fix. This stuff has aloe, a low po’s nightmare, but as much as I did not like the clumping and stiffness, in a protein treatment I was not unhappy with the final result. I left it in for 15 minutes with heat. My only complaint about this product is that you need a lot and it is not worth the price to usage repurchase 😦 That review is left for another time.

Followed that with Silk Dreams Shea What! for an hour under heat.

Roller set with my usual bottled water and CHI Silk Infusion and sat under my hooded dryer. I actually used my larger rollers for straighter hair this time.






I realized a few things:

First, after the using the Shea Moisture, I realize I do not need to use a medium or hard protein often. A light protein will suffice because this shampoo is gentler.

Second, its bitter cold out there. I have to break out more “watery” deep conditioners and its time seal with butter instead of oils.

Third, Im 13.5 weeks post. Go. Head. Me.

One Day, It Will Happen

Tasia B.


2 thoughts on “Wash Day

  1. I am envious of your roller setting ability and congrats on being 13.5 weeks post! I have tried to roller set with those types of rollers….it never goes right for me lol.

    My wash day was good. Shampooed with PM Shampoo One. I think I like it. Was surprised that it was clear and not milky but it did my scalp good and my hair felt clean but not stripped. DC’d with SD VSCMD with KV Bhringraj with heat- great results as usual (actually a little bit softer than usual). Scalp massage with HH Jar of Joe (I just can’t leave this stuff alone; I love how it doesn’t leave my scalp an oily, itchy mess and the smell is yummy!). Used PBN MMM for my leave in. I think I prefer MMM as a leave in VS. a moisturizer. I found it too greasy and not moisturizing enough as a moisturizer but as a LI it hit the spot. Alright detangling but great softness and moisture (go figure).

    Sadly I’m still hunting for a moisturizer 😦

    • Girl, it takes me 30 minutes to set. Do t be to mad at yourself.

      You wash days are almost similar to mine lol. Right now, water is my moisturizer because nothing really works. The HH espresso self is pretty good too. I have some soft coconut marshmallows in here, have you tried those. MMMM also only works as a leave in for me so I know your struggle. The silk dreams wheat germ is a good leave-in and moisturizer too, but not as good as water.

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