Wash Day

Holiday Hair!!!


I loved it so much, but because it causes me to comb less and I am really trying to be successful with this stretch, I did not want to go too long without a roller set.

I started by washing with my castile soap and honey mixture. I should have gone with my first instinct and clarified, but I didn’t because my hair isn’t stretching.

I followed up with Silk Dreams Shea What! under the steamer. After I rinsed it out, I was in love (as usual) and then proceeded to roller set with my water bottle and CHI Silk Infusion.

This time around, I did a section in the back that consisted of a mohawk style center and the usual side pieces. Then I did two sections in the front consisting of four rollers each.


This is a small section of my crown breakage before I snipped some of the ends.


This is my crown compared to hair that is around BSL.


I am seriously considering investing in mesh rollers because I would like to get my roots straighter from time to time.



In the end, I had build-up leading to dry hair. I was not happy at all. I decided to try using the saran wrap method to see how that would work. My hair felt less build-uppy, but its still disgusting. What it did do though was flatten my hair ok..


Since DH was hogging the bathroom, I had to take pictures from my room mirror where the lighting in horrible due to my blackout curtains. My V needs to be cut again. But I cannot be bothered and probably will not cut it until my next relaxer.


In all, I would not mind doing the saran wrap method again, especially deep into a stretch, but I will just make sure I have super clean hair. I will see how long I can live with the build-up, but I see myself washing during the week.

How was your wash day?

One Day, It Will Happen

Tasia B.


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