Beautiful Ways To Use Honey


Honey had become my friend lately. It has really good uses that can benefit your body inside and out. Here are a few ways I have found that honey can work both ways.

Manuka Honey: this stuff is pretty expensive (anywhere from $30-$50 a jar depending on the bio activity with 16+ and more being the best) but it works for any of you suffering from acid reflux, indigestion, frequent heartburn, GERD or stomach problems. I don’t use it, but I make my husband use it because he gets frequent indigestion and after using it, his indigestion has calmed down a lot. I told a cousin too and she loves it. It doesn’t taste like traditional honey, but in comparison to popping pills and antacids, a spoonful of manuka is worth more than the constant popping. It reduces to prevent frequent stomach problems and can heal some erosion (but don’t take my word for it because I haven’t read a scientific article on it in a while). It is honey may from bees that pollinated on tea tree leaves (I believe) so the honey is only harvested from certain bees in one part of the world.

As a face mask: Sometimes, for those of us with superdry skin, nothing is better than water. I use about a tablespoon of regla ole honey and put it on my skin for about 15-30 minutes. I look like my face is melting, but it feels sooo good. I rinse with warm water and follow with a tiny wash. Like a poor excuse for washing my face wash. After, my skin feels moist and rejuvenated.


As a face wash: I mix about a dime to nickel sized amount in my hand and mix it with 3-4 drops of Castile soap. It suds mildly and spreads well. Rinse with warm to hot water and voila…. smooth, hydrated skin. You can really feel the difference immediately.

As a face scrub: Mix some honey and organic sugar (you want pretty good granules) or even strawberries and just rub. Nothing too abrasive as this is your face! You can even mix honey with some oatmeal and yogurt or buttermilk , make it thick and creamy, not liquidy. The former are a tad bit harder than the latter, with the latter being more smoother than anything.

As a shampoo: If you use Castile like me, want to give it a try, are no poo, want just a small moisture boost or just want to use up the worst shampoo you regret investing in try adding some honey to some diluted shampoo. I tried using honey with a shampoo in which I was impressed with and it didn’t work well. My hair actually felt horrible. Shouldn’t mess up good things. But if it wasn’t good, you can’t mess it up more.

After shampoo: Just rub it on damp towel dried hair before you deep condition. You should get more shine.

In your deep conditioner: This can add a small moisture boost and add some shine, but if your DC is good, leave it alone. I learned this the hard way.

As a prepoo: My least favorite way as many things can go wrong, but if you dampen the hair first, it should smooth on well.

As a body wash: Add some to equal amounts of Castile soap (or any soap) and use. You may not get squeaky clean, but that’s not a bad thing when a soap is too stripping.

As a body scrub: Just add some honey and sugar or espresso grounds (used or new). The espresso can get a tad messy, so use with caution. You should use raw Demerara sugar as well.

That’s it! That’s all I got!

I’m a kitchenista at heart. Many products fail me and some products I have to use certain ways. Honey is one of them. It benefits me when I use it more true to form and not stretched thin. I hope you find a way to make it work for you.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia B.


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