Black Friday Buys!

I went a tad overboard this Black Friday but I wasn’t upset. I mostly wanted to try new things while restocking in staples. Here goes:


First, I bought samples of some Naturelle Grow a week before Black Friday and was pretty impressed with them so I restocked on them. This was the fastest shipper of all my Black Friday buys. I got a shipping notice that Sunday and had my package on Wednesday. While I won’t be using these items for a little while, I have only used the cinnamon and herbal blends and like both of them.

Finally decided to try the Pura Body Naturals. They had a buy one get one so I took advantage. So far the Murumuru Milk is not impressing me and smells like super fruit when the scent is vanilla 😦 the Sapote has not impressed me (but Divachyk already prepared me for this). I can’t wait to try the Capuacu butter, but not sure how I want to use it yet.

I got the Keravada in Hibiscus and Bringraj, but will not be trying that for a while either.

Restocked on Darcy’s Pumpkin Seed Conditioner. Also wanted to try the watermelon seed oil. It smells like watermelon oh man! Can’t wait to try in on my skin!

Last, I ordered some Silk Dreams, but it hasn’t come yet. That’s an old jar just so I can pretend I got my stuff, but really didn’t #boo probably will not get it til the new year. Definitely not happy about that, but the owner is kinda pregnant (no she is really pregnancy) so I’m not complaining.

This was a surprise. I threw out the box the other Darcy’s items came in. So yesterday, my husband is breaking down boxes and asked me “Did you know this was in the box before I throw it out?” Completely missed that! Can’t wait to have kissably soft lips #muah


Haha! I went through hell to get my package from BASK by emailing the owner that I almost forgot this item. I actually just got it this week. It smells good (like a chocolate bar) and rubbed into my skin well, so I’m still psyched to use it. I’m sure I’ll like, but let’s cross that bridge when I get there!

How was your Black Friday?

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia B.


20 thoughts on “Black Friday Buys!

  1. Pardon the big comment but I had a LARGE haul for BF too. Grabbed lots of new goodies, restocked some staples, & grabbed some gifts for family. Still waiting for my SD and HH BF day items.

    Pura Body Naturals [new]- Murumuru Moisture Milk (not very impressed so far; just ok as a moisturizer, haven’t tried it as a LI yet)

    Komaza Care- Protein Hair Strengthener, Vitamin Reign [new], Matani Leave In Conditioner [new]

    Hairitage Hydration (pre-BF sale items) [all new]- Jar of Joe (loving so far for scalp massages, no scalp itchiness and doesn’t feel clogging), Carrot Cake Icing (using as a sealant, hair stays soft and moisturized for 3-4 days, liking it), Pink Grapefruit Punch Conditioner (hair loves it so far), Liquid Gold Cake Batter, Caramel Frappuccino Butter, Coconut Mango Hair Moisturizer

    KeraVada [all new]- 4X Rwandan Black Coffee in Pumpkin Pie, 4X Amla in Raspberry Vanilla (I will not be getting this scent again, reminds me of cough syrup), 4X Bhringraj in Raspberry Vanilla (loving in my DC so far thanks to your review), 4X Henna in Cotton Candy

    Darcy’s Botanicals- Pumpkin Seed Moisturizing Conditioner, Coconut Cupuacu Hair Pomade

    Silk Dreams- Razzberry Coconut Affair Conditioner [new], Destination Hydration [new], Go Moist Shampoo [new], Wheat Germ Butter Conditioner [new], Mocha Silk Infusion, Vanilla Silk Cream Moisture Dream

    CC’s Naturals [all new]- Not Your Momma’s Garden Hair Tea, Hibiscus Flaxseed Gel, Hibiscus Pomade

    • I just need to come to your house and be the grinch that steals all your products. You’ve got some REAL goodies. I hope you like all of them.

      • Hahaha! If we were in the same city, I’d tell you to stop on by & shop the stash.
        I’m hoping I’ve found some staple worthy items in the lot since I’m still on the hunt in some aspects of my regimen (moisturizer, leave-in, rinse-out/slippy).
        Can’t wait to read your reviews on your new goodies! I considered grabbing from BASK & Naturelle Grow on BF but wanted to do more research first.

      • I have read a few good reviews on BASK and I figured the BF price would be ok for me to try. I am worried about it though because cocoa has been not kind to my texlaxed and new growth versus the way it treated my relaxed hair. Naturelle Grow I have been hearing about for a while as well and got good reviews on their products, but like BASK, it was limited as well. I was mostly attracted to the ingredients.

  2. you picked up a lot of goodies, Tasia. Can’t wait to find out how they work for you.
    I’ve done so much spending on getting stuff for the house that I decided to skip out on my Black Friday wishlist. hopefully there’ll be some good Christmas holiday deals coming up…

    • Girl,

      You’ve moved onto a better thing. Your focus should be the house. I am so happy for you. Even if you don’t find any deals this holiday, there is always a sale around whether its online or on the ground. But keep decorating that house in the meanwhile.

  3. I am quite sure that The bask Cacao Bark con dish is not any good on Low Po hair (like mine). I bought two of them and they just sit on my hair. And I have tried almost every type of DC method except dry heat. (hope I didn’t bust your bubble). Also the Pura Body Naturals I found to be runny and not have a good composition of the benefitial ingredients for the products (notice the plural) to do much good on my hair. The BOGO is a commonly run special the owner runs throughout the year. But, I am really interested in the Keravada products. I looked at her website and really wanted to purchase some of her products. Anybody out there Low Po and used Keravada? Pls give review. Currently I have ordered over $500 (well over) of products which provide absolutely NOTHING FOR my type-4, Low Porosity natural hair.

    • The review I got for the BASK was from a Low Po gal and she stated it was good. At this point, I have no expectations for anything since very few things work but thanks very much for the heads up! My issue with cocoa products is that when they do not have a good amount of protein, they don’t work for me. The PBN I just find I need too much of unlike my Silk Dreams.

      The Keravada is actually pretty good. I have a review on here so you can definitely check it out. I found it made my new growth manageable and gave me good root lift as well as made conditioning a tad better when I mixed a little bit with my conditioner. I didn’t think it would agree with my hair with the coconut, olive and grape seed oil (none agree with my hair) but they worked really well. Get the sample and try it out.

      Last, have you tried Silk Dreams? It is the only product line that works really well for my hair.

      • I looked at one of the top sellers for the Silk Dream line. The avocado pudding in particular appealed to me. My hair loves avocado! But the second ingredient is Stearalkonium Chloride, a salt as far as I can tell. Do you have any other info on this ingredient? Thanks. BTW, can you ask your friend how, in particular, she is using the bask Cacao bark? I still have a full tub of it (and this is from BF 2012)

      • I used to love the avocado pudding but it’s too smoothing for me now. I would recommend her Shea what’s and vanilla silk. Even with the conditioners added for whatever reasons, her products have good quality, so you don’t feel like you are getting junk.

  4. Also, please let me know how u like the Naturalelle Grow products as she claims to have changed her formulations. My history with formulation changes is that the seller gets popular with a mountain of “excellent” reviews then begins to market the reformulated products which are suddenly colorless with a consistency very obviously less rich and less emollient—just a watery runny oily mess in some cases—and actually increases the price on top of all that. I hate to be so cynical but this is just my personal experience.

    What the sellers fail to realize is that most of us (at least many many of us) will pay the expensive price for a product that works for our hair types. I know I will within reason, of course. And we really miss and GRIEVE for the loss of a product that was composed of high quality ingredients and that made our hair feel beautiful and in turn made us feel good and confident in our natural crown of hair.

    • I will do a review as soon as I finish one jar. So far, I really like the products. I didn’t know the formulations changed, but the products I have now are between thick and runny. More like jelly smooth. More on the watery side, but not drippy. I can actually do a video review to give a better description but not a product review. I actually like it very much because the water content gives me increased moisture and the butters and herbal infusion work well too. I get good slip and detangling heaven-ness. They are really good. I didn’t think they would work well, but I would recommend based on initial responses. I didn’t have to M&S a whole week after using it with just dry heat.

      Your not being cynical; that just the usual experience.

    • I don’t even want to know what you got. Wait a minute… You told me and it pales in comparison to mine lol. Sorry about keravada. I know how that list be!

  5. I thought I told you about the sample…it taste yummy and really works. The vanilla scent from PBN smells like smarties. It’s nasty. I also didn’t like the sapote moisture milk that much, but whatever!

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