Mixing Conditioners: What’s That Deal?

Any of you who frequent YouTube and have seen this video has probably ran out and got a jar of Kanechom and Silicon Mix to try this “from the salon” method for excellent results.

I know I did.

And I know I hated it.

I began mixing conditioners after this as it was a good idea (at the time), and especially with using more natural conditioners (which is what I was new to at the time) that were too thick for me and didn’t really provide me with the slip and conditioning I needed. It worked pretty great at first, but after a while, I just gave it up as it become too expensive and I just got tired of being a “Kitchenista”. I just wanted regular wash days. As time went on and my hair got more texture, mixing conditioners became a thing of the past.

So is mixing really that bad? Well it depends. Ideally, if you have to mix a conditioner, it probably was not worth its weight in salt to begin with. However, as someone who has mixed conditioners, I will say a few things.

  • I noticed that with bone straight hair, mixing conditioners allowed my hair to be more comb able and have better slip
  • I only did it with two conditioners, Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Smoothie and Ojon Dry Recovery, and mixed them with Kanechom Shea Butter and Keratin. These conditioners alone were “ok” but when I mixed then, my hair was stronger and better. They added an umph factor.
  • It was easier to apply this method with ground products because it stretched them longer. Anyone who hates online companies usually does because of the long shipping periods (even if it is 3-5 business days processing). The problem is that ground products are also more expensive because like corner or convenience stores, they are more accessible.
  • When I used to mix conditioners, I would mix a smoothing conditioner with a moisturizing one. The latter would leave my hair dull while mixing gave my hair an added shine.
  • You never know what your going to get. Actually, no, I will tell you what you will get; more conditioner added to your conditioner.
  • If you happen to get a bad reaction, or a slight mishap, it is hard to pinpoint what caused it. My hair hates high amounts of aloe and glycerin. Carol’s Daughter has a super high amount of glycerin for no reason. My hair got dry when I used it, so I started mixing it with Kanechom to make it better, which it did, but I didn’t notice the glycerin factor until after I stopped mixing the Kanechom (because the Kanechom diluted the glycerin content) in which in this case, Kanechom masked the fact that I should not have used it. Mixing the Ojon made me realize it was not good at all, but it was good as a leave-in for 4C natural hair!

Once I started ordering from Silk Dreams (my first online retailer) back in April 2012, I tried the Vanilla Silk in August 2012 and got a free sample of Chocolate Bliss with that order. I liked the Vanilla Silk and hated the Chocolate Bliss but never thought to mix either because they seemed not to need it. As time went on, I kept using the Vanilla Silk and really didn’t feel it, but that changed when I learned why. I got stuck on the Avocado Pudding though. Regardless, I never mixed them. Likewise with Darcy’s Botanicals.

Recently, to use up some conditioners, I mixed them with some Kanechom again and realized I only have the urge to really mix something when it is less than mediocre and I am trying to use it up. Sounds horrible, but thats how it is sometimes. The main reason I stopped mixing was because when I started using products that were more focused on actual healthy hair and not healthy looking hair, I noticed that the products I was mixing were never really ideal for my hair to begin with. Boo.

Here are some things to remember when mixing:

  • If you have to mix, the conditioner is probably not worth it.
  • When you mix, you ultimately are adding more conditioner to conditioner. Remember, two of the main ingredients in conditioner are water and emulsifiers/conditioning agents. So when you mix conditioners, you are just using more conditioner on top of conditioner.
  • Conditioners have different pH’s. A smoothing shampoo, which closes the cuticles, will have a lower pH than a volumizing conditioner which will have a higher pH to keep the cuticles raised. Some ingredients will naturally only allow for a specific pH. When I used SD Avocado Pudding, its smoothed my hair a lot (found out the hard way I cannot use much avocado on wet hair because its very smoothing) but when I use the Shea What! leaves my hair moisturized and agrees very well with my low po hair.
  • It is easier to target the problem with a conditioner when you don’t mix.
  • Setbacks can happen from mixing. The worse thing is to get breakage and shedding and not know what it is from.
  • Mixing can lead to good results, but if you are going to do it, it would probably be better to do it with ground products versus online vendors where the former will almost always be consistent and the latter not always being consistent. When I used Carol’s Daughter, the color of the batch changed once in 2 years, meanwhile I have been using Silk Dream for almost 2 years and the color of Vanilla Silk has varied from creamy white to off white several times. Likewise with the smoothness consistency.
  • Layering conditioners is not the exact same concept, but it could yield either no results or can provide to be a waste of money.

In the end, mixing is not a terrible thing, but you have to be careful of how and what you mix. Some people swear by it (you’d be surprised how many salons do this) and others think it is just hocus pocus, but whatever your preference, just use with caution. I personally do not care either way, but I would rather not to mix only because setbacks are nothing but bald-headed bitches!

*This post does not extend into using oils, products or other mixtures that state they can be mixed in conditioners, just conditioners*

A Penny For Your Thoughts?

One Day, It Will Happen

Tasia S.


6 thoughts on “Mixing Conditioners: What’s That Deal?

    • I use to do the same thing. But then I started noticing patterns when I would and wouldn’t and then I started it is becoming a concern for some.

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