Wash Day

I finally decided to try and go no poo. It’s really not that easy. Two of the best options are using baking soda or using diluted Castile soap. The baking soda and water method made me upset because people complained of the same issues: oily scalp. What bothered me is that these same people claim to only use ACV as a conditioner. I understand the pH concept but I also understand how these methods can fail.

I tried the Castile soap by diluting it with 1 part soap and 3 parts water. It is a bit harsh and left my hair rough which makes me thinks about actually using honey with this mixture.


I have found that after I wash, since I do so in sections, when I just leave one section alone and don’t touch it, my hair takes the time to react and my initial impression is usually not the one I’m left with. I will admit I kinda liked it. It left my hair really rough at first but my conditioner smoothed on very well and lead to better conditioning results. Not sure if I would recommend it for normal use, but if I decide to use it weekly (desperately seeking John Masters Shampoo), using Castile soap weekly or biweekly would need to be supplemented with protein A LOT!

After, I conditioned with some Silk Dreams Shea What! Under the streamer. Yummy!!!



This is what I’m working with these days. I’m 10 weeks post and for once, I’m not willing to trade relaxer for some sacagawea. I really like Shea What! With steam and I’m glad I tried it and invested in about 4 jars (don’t judge me) this Black Friday. This jar is becoming my winter go too and an HG!

Next, I roller set by sectioning my hair in 4 and a) applying Phyto phytokeratine to my ends b) rewet my hair with plain water and c) applied CHI Silk Infusion. A trick I learned with CHI is that dime sized amount is a joke. You want smooth hair that will remain moisturized, go nickel sized in larger sections and dime sized in smaller sections.


I believe I posted a picture of my bangs in my New Years Goals post, but above is a more recent picture.


This picture above is more of my bangs that were cut too much of that made me sad. They are still growing out, but make the front of my hair look scant. Boo!!!


Scant as seen above. I know I’m exaggerating but blah! Lol.



These were the end result before DH and I headed out in the snow. Gotta love NY! He liked my hair, wondered how it got so straight and couldn’t believe rollers (rollos as he says it) could makes hair that straight. Too bad I finally broke down and bought a hat today, because he questioned how am I going to wear a hat when I wear these styles. I love my hair but its cold out there and my head be freezing.

How was your wash day?

One Day, It Will Happen
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6 thoughts on “Wash Day

  1. Judgment free zone here! Considering I may or may not have picked up 8 or 9 conditioners during SD’s BF sale (mostly staple restocking though), no stones thrown by me.

    My wash day was good. I tried a sample of L’Oreal Total Repair 5 shampoo. I haven’t really used a sulfate shampoo in a while but that one wasn’t too shabby. Hair likes ceramides a lot & doesn’t mind sulfates too much so it was good. Heat DC’d with HH Pink Grapefruit Punch Conditioner with some KV Bhringraj oil mixed in. Was afraid after last HH conditioner experience but was pleasantly surprised by results, no coating in sight. Massaged scalp with HH Jar of Joe (loved it!) and used HH Mango Colada leave in (hair felt coated at first but product sank in after a few minutes). Did a 4 braid braidout with perm rod ends (didn’t really care about having the texture closer to the roots, just wanted to go to bed). After takedown with KV Hibiscus oiled hands, hair is quite soft and feels very moisturized.

      • HH PGPC is interesting. When I first put it on, it didn’t feel much like a DC. Consistency was thinner than I’m used to. Once the heat hit it, it really sank into my hair and really softened it up. I was actually afraid it was too moisturizing (luckily my hair’s ok). It’s actually helped keep my hair moisturized for 5 days.
        Really want to see how it does further down in a stretch though but I’m starting to like more of HH’s products.

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