New Year’s Goals: Hair Care Edition

It is never to early to make goals. I have been thinking about ALL my goals for a while, but this is the hair care edition and while I sit here and debate if I will wash my hair tonight or not, I figure why not talk about something else.

So, first I will start with growth with a comparison picture below. The picture on the left is NYE 2012 at APL. The picture to the right is December 2013 at MBL. There is about an 11 month difference. Both lines are at APL and WL though the picture to the right has a slanted line due to the angle of the picture. Im not cheating!!!!


Here are my bangs from December 2012 to December 2013. I went from lip length to SL now. I plan on growing out my bangs but I still want them back, just a smaller section next time.


I started my journey in November 2011 at ~SL (a little below my shoulders). I used growth aids  religiously the first year and it really made no difference. So this year, I just gave them up. Don’t get me wrong, I love my tea and coffee rinses, as well as ayurvedic herbs, but I only expect health from them, not growth. I still got the same amount of growth. Next year, I plan to continue the same pattern: no growth aids. It only increased shedding anyway. My goal is to make WL by 2014. Meaning, I will probably make it Summer 2014 (granted no setbacks), but I am going to maintain WL to even out my ends and cut some inches off until the end of the year and determine if I want to go further or not a that time. Some women want to just grow and I don’t blame them, but I aint about that life. Uh uh.  WL will probably be my limit; especially since MBL hair is becoming a problem within itself.

Next is styling. On my previous post Bunning Mama Drama, I make it no secret that I love my buns. The problem is that they come with their own set of issues. Just like fried chicken: I can inhale me some fried chicken and I won’t even say hi to people if there is fried chicken around, but the exercising that has to come after makes me eat it in SEVERE moderation. Buns will be added to the fried chicken list.



I have been playing with this do for a while but not in the two strand flat twist way. I would just just do a modified version. Let’s see if I have a pic…


Here we go. This is a modified version.

I like the twist up (third picture), but you need A LOT of pins for that, and I don’t mean like the bobby pins for a french roll, but the small doobie pins that hurt. My hair comes out A LOT in this style and its because my hair is too soft straight for this style without major hold. I would have to redo the style twice in one day and it is annoying. So I figured why not try it with the two strand twist. My Nana loved it so much she thought I a) went to salon and got it done and b) thought I had fake hair in it. She made a fuss over it. I like it because it does not require much work (just 10 minutes I will have to fit into my morning) and pins. It also holds better than the modified version.

In all, I just want buns to be done less. I don’t mind doing them, but it needs to be something to come back to when necessary and not something I do out of laziness and obligation. I also want to wear more ponytails.

My next goal is to relax less. I really want to get down to 3x a year next year. So far, I am 9 weeks post and not feeling like it. Meaning, it doesnt feel like 9 weeks past me by. My hair is more tolerable, but it might be because I am getting used to the texture. My proposed next relaxer is February 2014 at somewhere between 18-20 weeks. As of right now, February is a good time, but lets see what happens when January gets here. Winter is usually a good time for my hair as it is easier to deal with, so this stretch may be a breeze. But let me not talk to soon. Right now, Im relaxed and I love my relaxed hair. My super long term goal is to go natural, but Im not really putting a time or direction on that. When it happens it will happen.

Next is my product junkism. Its a horrible habit. I have gotten better, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t gotten worse.

When it comes to shampoo, I have my two staples: Paul Mitchell Shampoo One and Redken Cleansing Creme. Thats it.

Protein is at a stand still. Millcreek Organics Keratin is the champion. At $7 a bottle, no one is ever replacing it for maintenance. Mocha Silk is my back-up but is usually only needed in the spring and summer and as needed for some reason. My Curl Junkie Repair Me (Keratin) and Curl Fix (Collagen) are back-ups to (don’t kill me EnExit) but only during relaxers and for moisture overload respectively.

In terms of DC’s, I know Silk Dreams (Vanilla Silk, Razzberry Coconut Affair and Shea What! are my staples along with Mocha Silk), Darcy’s Botanicals (Pumpkin Seed) and Naturelle Grow (they’re making the cut slowly) are it. I don’t want to try anything else. Call me biased, but even this list took long with VS not even making the cut until this year (after using it for 1.5 years). Im also trying to stay price conscious.

Leave-ins and moisturizers are my hardest problem. Pretty much anything with Glycerin, Aloe, Honey, high amounts of Protein (any kind), Products for Relaxed Hair, Oil-based and Butter-based products are a no go for me. Im done trying! I will stick with my Silk Dreams. I like to try new products, but I never have any hope, so I will reduce trying this year.

Sticking with my regimen. My regimen is pretty set, so I will not change it. It has become more simplified, I just need to stop being lazy with steaming.

Using up products: I have this bad habit of just using certain products and forgetting the other ones. For example, I have some DB Pumpkin Seed Conditioner, SD Vanilla Silk, SD Razzberry Coconut Affair and Anu Essentials Deep Down Under Conditioner in my shower. Why I needed to try Naturelle Grow and open up jars of Shea What! is beyond me. So I am committing myself to using whatever is in my shower before I open new jars of stuff. It will be hard, but Im tired of having stuff sitting around. The Anu is too strong for my hair so that will just add color to my shower for now, and DB is really good (all the time) when I’m deep in a stretch (its also to expensive to use each time as my hair uses a good 2oz of  conditioner each wash) so that is as needed. At this point, I have finished my SD Vanilla Silk, likewise with a jar of Kizuri Cocoa Conditioner, I have less than half a jar of SD Razzberry and two 4 oz jars of Naturelle Grow half to almost half used. I need to use this stuff before I break out ANYTHING else and after that, I want to commit to one jar a month. Since its winter and I need to be using steam more, I will only use products good with steam.

Get better hair accessories. Enough said lol

What are your hair goals?

One Day, It Will Happen

Tasia B.

9 thoughts on “New Year’s Goals: Hair Care Edition

    • I wanted to set mine early because I know they will start this year and carry into the next. I didn’t want new goal but just improve and work on my goals as well as work on some problem areas.

  1. I need to take a hard look at my stash & PJism too. The stash is in containers and cubbies on half my bathroom floor.
    I call myself taking some products home every time I visit family but the stash keeps growing thanks to my PJ ways. I will be working on it because I want to reclaim my bathroom floor lol

    • My bathroom floor just met a slew of hair products!

      I don’t mind being a PJ, but not when it’s for no reason. Since I have low porosity hair, it doesn’t make sense for me to continue to try products when they never usually work anyway. I don’t mind supporting people, but if I give half the stuff away, I might as well just support what works. But I’m glad you see something to work on. We could all us a little improving sometimes.

  2. Excellent rundown. You have made great progress — kudos for the growth & retention. Growth aides don’t help/hurt for me. They just make me spend & waste money to be honest. I will use up those that I have and won’t look to replace. I need to gather my goals and see where I am vs. where I want to be. Improving my nape is definitely on that list. I’m pretty much at my goal length. My current objective is thickening the hemline and improving my hair’s overall health.

    • Well I look forward to watching your goal. I really learn a lot from your thoughts and progress and there is nothing better than learning from someone else’s mistakes and progresses.

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