Bunning Mama Drama


Like my bun? Good for you. Guess what though? Bunning comes with its own set of drama. Setbacks full of drama.

As EnExit calls me (as well as herself) a bunning fool, it’s all I know and likewise for some of you. I pretty much got to BSL by bunning daily because that all I knew. I would do a twist/braid out here or there but I just started getting less stringent with them despite the fact that they come with more manipulation.

As DH told me “I spent so long perfecting them, I have no choice but to have nice buns” because according to him “I would make him wait almost an hour perfecting my bun”. Don’t judge me.

Bunning can cause:
-W formation
-inverted V
-thinning edges and nape

One of my vices with bunning is the scrunchie dent and the hair I see come out with the scrunchie. Even if they are ouch less, they leave bad dents and can still cause breakage. So I decided to take a stand and went on a search for satin hair scrunchies. Had to travel some and then buy them in bulk (aye dios) but whatever, I got some.


I would have made one, but I’m the cooker and kitchenista of the family; I’m not part of the sewing crew that runs in my family. Anyway, I like it. It’s a tad tight, but after a few uses, it stretched a bit. It slides right off so I’m not catching any hair and no broken strands.


Best of all, the dents aren’t too bad. For me, they aren’t tooooo apparent so you Could change up styles a bit without people knowing you had your hair in a pony the day before.

The pulling, depending on high bun, low bun, side bun, crown bun, can all cause breakage at some point. So don’t think my continuous quest for the perfect bun comes unpunished. Thanks to bunning, I’ve had a hard time growing out the front part of my hair due to the fact that its shorter, more damage (from my bone straight days and it hasn’t completely grown out) so it thinner more where the scrunchie hits that part of the hair. That gets cut A LOT because bunning breaks it more than any other part of my hair.

I also have a resistant nape but the damage does sneak up on me from time to time if I’m not careful and my entire nape will break without me knowing. That’s happened to me more that enough times. You know that look; when you have to keep smoothing the hair in the back of your hair up because it always sticks up or out because it doesn’t fit. Many low styles did that, that’s why I don’t wear them.

I don’t pull my hair so tight anymore because that was the main source of my breakage.

I’ve been using the satin scrunchie for almost a month now, and I cannot complain. They are just super tight ugh!

No more bunning mama drama. Leave the drama for your strategically placed hair pins.

What’s your breakage-free styling accessory?

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia B.


13 thoughts on “Bunning Mama Drama

    • My hair is go hard to pull into a scrunchie, so it never really bothers my edges because it never tightens properly. That’s why my edges are never smooth. My buns took a while to get to a way Iike, and I mean they took about 1.5 years *whomps*

      Thanks girl!

  1. I want to try stain scrunchies, but want them ultra thin and wide. Not many sell them this way. So I’m just going to have to stick to what I know for now.

    Anyway lemme’ go stalk your bun video. I MUST perfect it and floss like a boss!

    • Lol. Your so silly

      The satin scrunchies are getting a bit looser, but this just tells me I need a new style. I love my buns, but they might have to go.

    • Thanks Girl. Bunning is getting tiring for me but I wanted to point out how even when we make something the best possible, it can still have the same setbacks.

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