Wash Day


This was how I started my wash day. I told DH “I can’t live like this for a week”. Since I just clarified, I didn’t want to use anything to hard and hardly had any build-up. So I mixed some Aritha (?), an ayurvedic shampoo, in water and made a paste.


It actually was not too bad. Since it’s powder, it is pretty gritty, but I still found it to cleanse well enough to be effective. It was mild yet different IMO. Next time, I will use more, but since I just clarified I did not want to od.

At the same time, I made a tea rinse. I really wanted to use coffee but I also didn’t. Despite the fact that I just clarified 2 days before, my scalp was in flames. I didn’t rinse when I clarified so that could be it. I mixed marshmallow, oatstraw, horsetail, lavender, burdock, amla, brahmi, tulsi and neem and let it steep for 1 or 5 hours o_O and then strained. The pictures below give a better picture of the process.


After the rinse, it’s like my scalp was smiling. You wouldn’t believe the problems I have with my scalp until you experienced it. I have eczema and my scalp is worse than my face which is worse than my body. Seriously.

I love this mixture though.

I tried for the first time my Naturelle Grow Marshmallow with Cinammon DC. It’s apparently her #1 selling DC. I can see why…


It literally soaked into my hair! When that stuff touched my hair it was like that moment when you see someone get hit with the Holy Ghost in church. Yes, it’s that good! Even after I rinsed I was like “Mira Que Nice”. This stuff has good slip too. Detangling was a breeze and I finally got to rollerset after the longest hiatus ever.

Used my spray bottle with water, Phyto reparative serum for the ends and CHI Silk Infusion.



I called myself cute checking my hair with this t-shirt and it was a fail so I just took it off. It didn’t got far; just around my neck lol.


Excellent. I was very happy with my rollerset and the volume I got. The more I airdry and do twist outs, the better the health of my hair I’m noticing.


This was all the hair that came out while roller setting. Unbelievable huh?


And after taking the rollers out. Me nah lie though I wish I was.

My only vice with Ayurvedic powders is the thickness. Not complaining, but it’s hard to keep it all down. I have been down with the Ayurveda for a while, since I was 18, but it always becomes hard for me to maintain when I use it for more than 1 month. I might stick with it this time because Im getting more patience and Im getting many comments about my bun, so why not more. I also liked it better in a herbal rinse than the coffee rinse, though the two really cannot be prepared because coffee rinses leave me with minimal stretch while the herbal rinse left me with a fair amount of stretch. This is why I keep my Silk Dream Mocha Silk Infusion around! I will keep testing the rinse though and follow-up with a comparison.

How was your wash day?

One Day, It Will Happen

Tasia S.


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