Wash Day and Flat Iron

I apologize for the uber huge pictures, but I uploaded them from my phone and continued on the computer.

So I started with Shea Moisture Purification Mask (Say What!). I wanted something to get my hair a tad cleaner than just using the PM Shampoo One alone, especially now since I dilute it, but I didn’t want to clarify. In my last wash day post, I had moisture overload and when it was time for me to rewash again mid-week, my hair turned back to mush. I used some Curl Junkie Curl Fix (contains collagen) and it rectified the situation immediately. I did not want to strip my hair, but get the gook that twist outs leave behind.

So I kept the mask on for 40 minutes and voila, clean soft hair. This stuff is a keeper. SM can give those other masques to the birds because they do nothing for me, and I really wanted to like [no really love]  them. The purification masque is what conditioners strive to be.

Followed up with PM Shampoo One in my applicator bottle which is diluted with a large amount of water.

I did a coffee rinse with Breakfast Blend, Burdock, Marshmallow,  Slippery Elm, Lavender and Oatstraw. For once, my lazy behind put it in the coffee maker and I didn’t wind up with mucous on my head.

I had mixed some Kizuri Beauty Cocoa Vanilla DC, Kanechom Shea Butter DC, Biolage Cera-Repair and KeraVada Amla oil in a mixing bowl (you know the ones the salons use when they mix color or relaxer) and since the first three products only need 3-5 minutes as per instructions, I left this mix on for 10 minutes then rinsed. It was pretty strong with minimal stretch when wet.

For me, stretching when wet is critical. If my hair stretches at least 25%, whether it snaps back or not, I know my hair will be fine when dry. If it stretches too much when wet, Im in super trouble.

Last, I t-shirt dried for about 40 minutes while I helped my husband with the final touches to a cake he made.

This is the photo without flash:20131124-143928.jpg

This is the photo with flash:20131124-143942.jpg

I don’t know what is what anymore:20131124-143950.jpg

I blow-dried my hair on cool. Because my hair dried a bit much, I dampened it with some water in a spray bottle I normally use for roller sets, then used some SD Wheat Germ Butter Conditioner, then added some CHI Silk Infusion to sections before blow drying on COOL or the LOW setting. Didn’t take forever, but it didn’t take a few minutes either:20131124-143958.jpg


You can see the results a bit here. I also used some Phyto Phytokeratine on my ends when blow drying. Too much moisture wreaks havoc on your ends, so it did affect my ends a bit from the week before.20131124-144012.jpg

I did a video, not sure if I will post it though. Sorry for the rugged look, but Im not a big believer of wearing make-up in videos unless I am about to go out. 20131124-144019.jpg

I sectioned my hair in 4 quadrants and worked from there:20131124-144029.jpg

This was what I was working with. While flat ironing, I used CHI Keratin Silk Infusion only because I am scared of heat damage. I ironed on 320 degrees this time which left me with more volume. I like this temperature:20131124-144037.jpg

And this was the end:20131124-144048.jpg

This is a before and after comparison of how the flat iron irons my hair. I used a Sedu btw:20131124-144100.jpg

I couldn’t get DH to take a picture, so sorry it is so dark, but Im a tad unhappy with my ends. The moisture overload did a number on them. Im probably not going to cut, just dust 1-2x a month and not do a major chop til mid-2014, but until then, I may have to get more serious on my roller sets as I have been getting twist out crazy/lazy.20131124-144106.jpg

This was only gonna end one way [Insert Mia’s Comment Here] Bun!20131124-144113.jpgAll in all, I was happy with the process and results. The CJ Curl Fix was what my hair needed, but collagen is strong so I wanted to weaken my hair a bit because it was too strong. After using 2 heat protectants, my hair is smooth with no stretch, but isn’t breaking and when I wash my hair and all the protectants off, it will most likely return to its normal clumpy self. Im not going to clarify for another 2 weeks instead of 1 and go back to my normal routine of keratin and roller sets for a while. My hair, like its owner, is not big on drastic change.

As my Nana would say “Chile, you got alotta hair on that head? Can you donate some to me; I aint got nothing. After all, Im the reason you have it!”

How was your wash day? 

One Day, It Will Happen

Tasia B.


12 thoughts on “Wash Day and Flat Iron

    • Thank you!

      This texture is making think twice about the crack but I’m not even going to set myself up with that statement.

  1. GIRLLLLLL! I’m taking a inch off tomorrow. To be completely honest I want to chop back to BSL and start over, but I think thats taken it to far. You hair came out FAB regardless and you ends looks so good to me! My hemline is doing that damn U/V thing again and it got to go…for good. No more laziness. My hair can’t take it.

    • I was thinking the same thing too about taking off a couple inches back to BSL but it’s not unhealthy and I don’t want to start over and be back at a hump. It’s not necessary. I will just wait until I reach my next goal.

  2. This wash day was pretty good. Tried a few new products: Ouidad Cleansing Oil Shampoo (liked- clean feeling in a good non-stripped way), Keravada Hibiscus Oil (really liked- used in DC & for scalp massage), and HH Pink Lemon Mimosa Berry Mimosa leave in (softness, nice detangling, & light consistency). My flexirod set came out really good this week.

      • This Ouidad shampoo was nice. Lathers up nicely, smells good. My hair wasn’t crazy stripped afterwards, which I was afraid of with all the lather. It just felt clean and a little soft. Plan to use it next few washes to get a feel for it with NG but my relaxed ends like it so far.

      • Sorry for the late reply. I’m glad you liked the ouidad. Tell me which one so I can grab a sample. I hear good stuff about this line.

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