Wash Day

So I started my wash day with straight, roller set hair in mind. It was all down hill from there.

I prepooed (that’s right!) the night before on my scalp only with Keravada Amla (contains brahmi, bringraj, fenugreek, neem and msm along with that other good stuff). I massaged it in with NO ITCHIES!!!! My scalp throws tantrums if even a hair pin touches it.

I started my usual process by washing in halves with Paul Mitchell Shampoo One in an applicator bottle that has some Keravada bringraj oil. I had brewed some marshmallow, oat straw, lavender and slippery elm tea and let that sit overnight.

It was very mucous in texture when it settled. I poured that on. It needs to be shaken a lot as the thicker portion sits at the bottom of the solution and will settle on the last area poured.

Then I followed with Anu Essentials Down Under Deep Conditioner. I got this from Khamit Kinks in Brooklyn when I attended a hair affair last Thursday. The conditioner is supposed to be for damaged, dry and breaking hair.




If there is one thing I learned from this conditioner, it is that my hair isn’t as dry, damaged or breaking as I once thought. I fell asleep with this in my hair for 4 hours and I cried when I went to rollerset. As soon as the small tooth comb hit my head, my hair started breaking.


I almost cried. What a way to celebrate my 2 year anniversary of my hair journey. I just decided after that to t-shirt dry, then sprayed some CHI Keratin Mist and blew dry on cool. Thank goodness for CHI because that helped a lot with the stretching. I left my hair alone for a couple hours and when I went to find a strand again, it still had some stretch without SnapBack but it wasn’t as bad as when I first combed when wet.



I used some HH Green Energy which has green tea butter, hemp seed oil and meadow foam oil, all which are all strengthening to the hair and sealed with Keravada Amla oil. Both products did result in stronger hair that did not stretch and was very soft and smooth. I did some dookie twist because I really wasn’t attempting a twist out, just something low maintenance.



I took them out and actually liked the results.



What I really liked seeing is how puny and shrunken my twist looked until I pulled and took them apart.



Last, during the twist out, I had a really irritated scalp. I use some Anu essentials Medicinal oil on my scalp since the Keravada will stimulate more than really soothe my scalp. I’m all for happy growing, but my scalp was crying!


A few lessons from this wash day:
-Using the Keravada oil on my scalp reduced shedding more than using a coffee/tea rinse
-My hair is not as damaged, dry or breaking as I thought.
-I’m gonna keep the Anu deep conditioner for when my hair is really dry or after a protein and after relaxers. Otherwise, I don’t need it.
-Keeping protein around is the best thing I ever did for myself.
-I successfully reversed moisture overload when I took the situation in baby steps.
-My hair is not as damaged, dry or breaking at I thought it was.
-I will never sleep with deep conditioner in my hair ever again.
-My hair is not as damaged, dry or breaking as I thought it was.

Please, laugh at me. And tell me off about myself. I know, I’m silly.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia B.

7 thoughts on “Wash Day

    • Natural Hair Does Care Co-Founder got me good. She was like “I don’t want to ride to Brooklyn by myself” and I was caught in the web from there lol.

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