Journey To The Center Of My Back: Ayurvedic Oils

Before my hair journey, my sister sent me some cassia, henna and shikakai. I used all the shikakai but I still had some henna and cassia left to show.


I really wanted to get into Ayurvedic because I live in a growing Bangladeshi community and let’s face it; these women have “Lawda Mercy Gawjus” hair. My sister sent me shikakai and I wasn’t crazy about it but the henna and cassia were on point. I stopped using it only because I hate mixing.

Now since I’m in the LHCF Ayurvedic, Tea, Coffee, ACV, AVJ challenge, these ladies started talking about amla and these herbs that I wanted to get back Into my regimen, but fuss free; meaning mix free. My sister had sent me some amla oil a couple years ago and it was the one with the Indian lady on the green over, the oil was green as well. The name started with a D I think. The ingredients were mineral oil and amla so I immediately dismissed it (even though I used it once). I was going to just buy the herbs, but I hate mixing. So someone mentioned Keravada and I started looking into the brand.

Not any bad reviews. Now I’m not doing a review on the products right now, but just a small experience. I loved the customer service as well as the fact that you don’t have to mix the oils and its good quality products. I first bought the bringraj concentrated oil (in the small jar) and mixed it in my Shea What! And it was heaven! Since then, I’ve been using the oils (Rwanda Coffee or the Amla, Fenugreek mix) either in my scalp, deep conditioner, shampoo and even as a sealer with success.


Sorry for the runny bottle; I wanted to use the amla oil in my DC and I mixed it in the shower which I should not have done.

One thing I can say is that since using them, I’ve noticed better moisture retention; even without a tea rinse my scalp isn’t acting that a kid with a tantrum and my growth in the bare 3-4 weeks since using them has been kinda on the impressive side. At three weeks my new growth was non existent and 3 weeks later I’m at almost 3/4″. One of my favorite relaxed heads made a comment about thicker hair and I told her it is because of all these Ayurvedic products she is using. My new growth is there, but because it is holding so much moisture, it is more manageable and doesn’t need extra work to lay down.

I’ve heard healthy hair just acts better, but who really knew. I can even run my fingers just through my new growth with no problems. I’m definitely loving the volume, growth, moisture retention and health benefits of the Ayurvedic oils and I am thankful I took the plunge with Keravada. The oils are lasting me a while and for someone who HATES coconut oil and grapeseed oil, these herbs are creating a different interaction with these oils for my hair. I honestly cannot complain and for once, THEY DONT STANK!!!!!

I hope to give a thorough review of the products above by December because I want to give about 6-8 weeks of good using, but so far, I think I found a wonderful product and I hope it takes me to the center of my back with fuller, healthier results that I’ve ever had. I’m glad I went back into using Ayurvedic oils as they really are beneficial to the hair, scalp health and growth.

What new products have you tried lately?

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia B.


11 thoughts on “Journey To The Center Of My Back: Ayurvedic Oils

  1. Interesting post! I have never really tried raw henna or ayurvedic in its raw form, I used to use a henna based moisturising conditioner and you know I can’t really say how my hair felt about it, I just know the search for a moisturising DC has been a tough one for me. When I take out my braids after my relaxer of course I might give these oils products a try but I always hear great things about ayurvedic, anything to help me ‘run my fingers through my hair’

    • Im not crazy about henna because of my protein usage (I can only use either/or, not both) I can say I did like mixing them and I did experience stronger hair. I know how hard it is to find a good DC, thats why Ive pretty much stopped unless I “stumble” upon something, but I have been noticing a difference with using the oils. I’ve had the best experiences with leaving the oiled conditioner on my hair for at least 45 minutes, recommended or not. If in doubt, just start with the small jar.

  2. I reallllly want to henna or cassia my hair. But I’m such a chicken. I really want the Keravada Henna, Fennugeek and Nettle Oil. So Black friday ITS ON! I already have the coffee and Amla/Brahmi/Fenugeek/ETC. mix.

    • Cassia is really good, I loved it, but it might stretch the hair. I used it with honey and buttermilk and it was lovely. I used the clear or creamed honey though. You might like it better than protein.

      Not sure if they are having a sale, but I will lurk for one. Im trying to get a couple friends to purchase because I aint giving none of it away. Yes, for once this giver aint sharing and I share ALL my products!

  3. Ooh ok so I am now convinced that the ayurvedics are working wonders in my hair. I was reluctant to give them credit because the results seemed almost immediate. Great post. .as usual:)

    • Girl, I told you they were working. I am seeing really immediate results and I think the problem is that everything that promises us growth takes time while the ayurvedic items are herbs that are specifically targeted for hair problems that plague us daily. They probably create a healthier environment for the scalp and hair. I definitely have no complaints… well thicker hair… at the moment.

  4. Sounds good so far! Can’t wait to see the review.
    I recently grabbed the KV Hibiscus and the Fenugreek oils in the Warm Vanilla Sugar scents (the latter smells like maple breakfast sausage in the bottle & I absolutely love it for some strange reason lol). My scalp has recently started going crazy so I’m planning my first scalp massage with these oils very soon.
    Plan to grab some more KV oils for the BF sale for family and friends in hopes that some of them benefit from the herbal hair goodies.

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