Wash Day and Hair Event

So, I work with the co-founder of Natural Hair Does Care and she invited me to a hair event/brunch. I met some great people there, including Bella Kink and Anu Naturals. Once it settled in that I was going to a natural hair affair, I felt I had to fake the funk… until co-founder told me I didn’t have to 😦 But I still enjoyed the hair.

I shampooed with Paul Mitchell Shampoo One diluted with water and KeraVada Amla Oil mix.

Next, I did a coffee rinse with breakfast blend, slippery elm, marshmallow root and burdock root. Slippery Elm is my new HG. Its really nice, just muddies the water a bit.

Then, I mixed some Silk Dreams Shea What! with the Keravada Oil again. Last time I used this conditioner, I didn’t mix it with the amla oil and I felt a major difference. I still love the Shea What!, but the oil increases the softness in my hair. I think shea and ayurvedic is a nice mixture.

I used some Eden’s Heart leave-in and diffused my hair while my cousin shopped in my stash for hair products.

Next, I decided to do a flat twist out. Here comes the laughter:

photo 1-3

I only had 4 twist in and I was crying. I really felt like that child for the color purple, but it wasn’t that painful. I sectioned my hair in three, sides and back, and twisted my hair with BASK Tapioca Cream. Very heavy stuff. Last, on each twist, I sealed with some KeraVada Amla, Brahmi, Fenugreek mixed oil. The purpose of the tapioca cream is because its a butter and its cold up here. The oil (and the kind of oil you use does matter) allows for the strands to untwist easily. I was inspired by my sister to try this method.

photo 2-3

After an hour, this is the finished product. I was so glad when it was over.

photo 3-2

Finished product and after the event, I did a video, lets home it gets up sometime this year.

photo 4-1

I am also beginning to learn that my back texture is much looser than my front texture. My crown is the tightest area, so its hard to get it to do anything, and the front is the most manageable being wavier. While I have been loving these twist and braid outs, only the front really ever looks good as the front of my hair holds it twists pretty well, but the crown misbehaves and the back drops after a couple hours.

photo 1

This is my Steph-Boo acting silly with me. She was playing with that angle and I told her I wanted a picture. This was so cool. She wanted to act like she holding it, but I couldn’t get to PC at an important event.

photo 2

And this was some of my delicious meal. This meal makes we want to go find my food blog (yes, I have that). All in all, it was a good day and a good event. Im gonna head to bed now because I am tired and I want to enjoy my 3 day weekend. I will be adding a couple of post this week that need to be spoken of 🙂

One Day, It Will Happen

Tasia B.


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