Random Nothings About… Hair and Skin

My friend is looking (think Halloween Michael Myers looking ) for me to help her with a regimen. Since I’m a PJ I’m trying to get her out to the Bronx from Brooklyn to get her to sample my stash. If you don’t live in NYC that could possibly sound easier than it really is (it’s not easy). I’m about to bribe her with food, homemade cookies, the DH homemade ice cream and liquor (I’m such a great friend).

I’m trying to get my other friend (she’s natural) over because her hair needs help and we’ve been trying to get it together for a while.

My other natural friend (the vegan) gave me some Curl Junkie Pattern Pusha… Bomb.com for my edges. I can’t wait to do a review on that one.

A week ago, I had to take DH to the doctor for his asthma. When he laid down on the bed and got up, he left a grease stain where his head was (think Eric LaSalle Coming To America). I said “What’s in your hair?” This fool said Shea butter. When I asked “Why?” he just answered that his scalp was itching. I looked at his head and it was dandruff city. In my usual sarcasm, I asked “And what were you expecting Shea butter to bring to the party because your scalp should be crying?” He said it was. After I clarified my hair with some diluted Redken cleansing cream I told him “Use the rest of the cloudy water in the Smart Water bottle in the shower; it will make you feel better!” It made him feel so much better, he wants to know what to use regularly on his head. Ha ha. I told him the cloudy water in the applicator bottle. GOT ANOTHER ONE!!!!! Lol

As much as I like philosophy, my pockets cry a lot inside so while out with a friend for her bday, I picked up some First Aid skin care products. So far, so good. My skin care regimen is definitely changing.

My winter regimen is soon coming to surface. So is my protective styling. But that’s not for today’s discussion lol.

What are you rambling about?

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia B.


2 thoughts on “Random Nothings About… Hair and Skin

  1. Ramble #1: Today I get messages from 2 friends and an aunt wanting to discuss hair. I’m so glad they got in touch. I was looking for a way to buy some stuff (the PJ I am) and with these developments I can still buy while doing some good for someone else. I plan to take some baby steps with them to start them down a good path. Don’t want to overwhelm them so I’ll keep it minimal: a good DC and a good moisturizer. I’ll nudge them a little further if interest stays piqued after I get them those things.

    Ramble #2: I wish this Texas weather would get it together. As soon as I decided its time to pull out the heavier stuff for my hair because we saw a few 40 degree nights, it shoots back to 80 degrees the next day smh….

    • Hey girl,

      It’s good to not overwhelm anyone. I did that a little with my friend the first time, but now that she is coming to me, bribing her seems to be a better way for her to try out products before purchase. It’s great that you are picking up a few things as it will take out the hassle of them being stuck in an aisle for hours and whether it works or not, they will thank you later.

      NYC weather is bipolar right now. The other day, the high was 61. The next morning it was 63 with declining temps by 7pm to 51. Yeaterday, I wore a wool coat and almost pulled out my uggs because it was 37 degrees out. I will be glad when the temps stay the same, but until then, I guess we can just complain about it right? Lol

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