Product Review: Kanechom Shea Butter Conditioner

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Ingredients: Water, Cetearyl Alcohol, Cetrimonium Chloride, Parfum, Meth&Meth, Dimethicone, Shea Butter, Hydrolyzed Keratin, Citric Acid

Claims: The ultimate Karite Butter (Shea Butter) deep moisturizing cream with Hydrolyzed Keratin moisturizes and promotes healthy hair by hydrating and conditioning Dry and Damage hair restoring it’s natural shine and providing a smooth and silky aspect restoring and minimizing the damages caused by Sun and chemical process. Excellent for Dry or Damage Hair.

Directions: Wash hair, apply to hair and massage for approximately 2 minutes. Rinse. For deep treatment apply to hair and place under plastic cap for 30 minutes.After wash, apply Shea Butter Mask and gently massage. Leave on for 2 minutes and rinse well. For deep treatment wrap hair with a warm towel or use a plastic cap and leave on for 30 minutes. Rinse.

My Assessment: I originally started using Kanechom Shea Butter around January 2012 after I saw a girls video on YouTube about her beautician using this mixed with Silicon Mix and I had to try it…. Hated it…. but it was the Silicon Mix I hated. I had continued using this, but never alone, only with some Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla or Ojon Dry Recovery. It worked best with the CD IMO because it was a DC. I had kept using this and the longer I used it, the healthier my hair got, only pointed out to me by other people. I used it for about 6 months, which resulted in my ordering a second jar (shown above) with one jar lasting about 4-5 months (because I was mixing).

The only reason I stopped using the Kanechom was because I was into using more natural products to see how that would work. While I like the results of my Silk Dreams and Darcy’s Botanicals, none of them made my hair feel the way it did when I mixed conditioners with even just a couple tablespoons of Kanechom.

I tried using the CD BV again, alone, and it was nice… but nothing compared to using it with Kanechom. Likewise with Silk Dream Vanilla Silk; I love my Vanilla Silk, but it does not provide me with consistent slip, so when I added some Kanechom, it provided much better silk. I used it after some Shea What! and Razzberry Coconut Affair as well and it was phenomenal as a final rinse.

I definitely get better slip and moisture when using this conditioner, whether I mix it with a conditioner or as a rinse-out. It smooths my hair really well and gives it a silkier and more healthy looking appearance. I usually only use it for days when I roller set though. I am left with softer, smoother hair that only needs to be sealed and I can go 3-5 days without M&S or just sealing. Even my texlaxed hair is softer and more manageable. Why do I not use it on air dried hair? IDK, mostly has to do with it being a good moisturizer and I don’t care for “moist” wet hair when I air dry, so I prefer soft hair when roller set because I use protein (I hope that makes sense).

After analyzing the ingredients for DAYS UPON DAYS before my initial purchase, I deduced that it is an excellent moisturizer because of water, fatty alcohol conditioner, a little bit of cones and the main ingredients. There really isn’t anything holding the main star back from being a star and even with the products you find on the ground, there will because about 30 ingredients with ingredients scattered, and the stars will be at the tail end of the parade when you are about ready to leave. There are only 9 ingredients so there is a likely chance that the actual amount in the product may be more than you think.

The consistency is thick and creamy seen here and it mixes really well. The smell is nice, maybe a tad perfumy, but its still good. Like I said, Ive never really used this alone as a DC, unless as a rinse-out after a DC, as I always mix it with other conditioners, but I will say, this is a conditioner that if you had on hand, it would make any subpar conditioner exceptional. Well, maybe acceptable lol. Despite the shea butter, it is not heavy and despite the keratin, it should not leave you with overload. I used it mixed after HARD protein treatments and still never had breakage.

I also tried the goats milk, but if you have a balance regimen, don’t go that route. I had breakage city.

All in all, I would recommend.

Hope this help Tarra, and all my beautiful readers! Keep your eyes on the prize ladies :-*

One Day, It Will Happen

Tasia S.


11 thoughts on “Product Review: Kanechom Shea Butter Conditioner

  1. Yay! Thanks Tasia! I just wanted to make sure it had your approval and there wasnt any hidden reason why you weren’t using it consistantly. I’m pretty excited to use this tomorrow. I may have to try this mixed with Vanilla Silk because it and Avacado Pudding left me with tangled hair towards the end of my last stretch. I almost gave up at 8 wks post due to the tangling and no slip, but ended up switching to a different DC and made it to 12 wks. So i hope this saves those DC’s for me so they don’t go to waste. But i’m still loving DB Pumpkin Seed thanks to your product review! Thanks again for making this journey a little easier for me! :0)

    • Your welcome. I love the Kanechom, but just not consistent with using them. The Vanilla Silk and other DC’s I usually prefer to limit after 8 weeks because the DB is usually much better during those times. Just mix a small bit and see if that works better; it worked better with the vanilla silk for me.

  2. Oh Tasia…your blog and my PJ ways are in cahoots against me at the moment! If I was in better control of my PJ ways I’d say that’s awesome and I’m happy for your results and I’d leave it at that. Instead, I’m adding this version and the ceramides version of Kanechom ( I’m still searching for a ceramides DC or rinse-out) to my BF list and will be searching for them with reckless abandon.

    I’m intrigued that you get more slip and moisture with this one. SD VSCMD and DB PSC give me pretty good moisture and softness. I often mix them on wash days now and I can get 2-4 days before I need to M&S. I’m still interested in the Kanechom though. Oh boy…I need to rethink my hair product storage yet again…

    • Listen, if you don’t need them, don’t get them!. I like the Kanechom, but I bought it back when I wasn’t a PJ, just trying to get some healthy hair. The two conditioners you mentioned give me good results, but I don’t get the best slip from them; I think the slip from this one is because of the first couple of ingredients and that it is really on the creamy watery side. I just never really use rinse-outs because of my LP hair and rinse out sometimes cause more build-up after I roller set and it feels so disgusting afterwards. In terms of ceramides, I prefer the Biolage Hydratherapie, but I have never used the kanechom ceramics, so I really cannot comment on it.

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    • I don’t know how I missed this. I don’t use it alone because I didn’t find it to be totally moisturizing when I used it alone. The product is extremely watery but when I would mix it with a creamy conditioner, it seemed to help intensify the conditioning effects. If I used it as a final rinse and left it on for 3-5 minutes, it was good as well. Using it alone never yielded great results for me, but I started using it when my hair started getting thicker and less relaxed so it also affected my review. I still recommend it.

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