Wash Day


I started my wash day with a twist out which was successfully done with damp hair, Silk Dreams Wheat Germ Butter Conditioner and KeraVada Amla Oil. I didn’t think the Amla oil would be good because it had two of my hair’s arch enemies, Grapeseed and coconut, but my twist had bounce, shine, definition and softness I have never had. My hair was soft for 3 days.

I washed Saturday morning with Redken cleansing Creme by diluting it in a one liter smart water bottle because my applicator bottle was busy with PM shampoo one.

Usually, I don’t do this when I clarify, but I did a coffee rinse. I used breakfast blend, burdock, slippery elm, horsetail, marshmallow and Oatstraw. Nice!

Follow-up with Millcreek Organics keratin Conditioner for about 10 minutes, but since this doesn’t get hard, I rewet it a little, but didn’t rinse and used some Silk Dreams RCA mixed with some KeraVada Oil. I noticed that if I put the amount of conditioner in my mixing bowl and stir it a bit, it actually applies better and I use less. Then I laid down under my heating cap for about 45 minutes while I attempted to find a free way to watch American Horror Story: Asylum (didn’t work).

I had pretty good detangling but I still used some kanechom Shea butter so I could have a bit of slip.

I had my spray bottle and CHI Silk Infusion handy, got my combs and rollerset.

This is 4-week post hair. Doesn’t look like much, but it’s there.

I just had to dust a bit because I knew my ends went through it with that braid out, but they really didn’t. I barely took anything off, so wearing my out once in a while is not hurting my hair life:



My waist is really far, literally a year away (aye dios) but I’m getting there the healthy way so I’m not complaining (that much). However, as much as I love the bodily figures that make up the women in my family, I’m cursing this low waist….

In the meantime, I will continue long hair dreaming.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia B.


7 thoughts on “Wash Day

  1. Tasia,

    This is the second time I briefly see you’ve mentioned Kanechom Shea butter. I was wondering if you could give more information on what you thought about it? Did you ever use it by itself and not mixed together with anything else? What was your overall assessment? I ask bc I’ve bought three Kanechom (acai, Shea butter, chocolate) but only tried acai so far and liked but was wondering why u don’t really use the Shea butter or why u stopped?



    • I got three different twisting butters, so these roller sets might go out the window for a while. I. Cannot. Be. Doing. This!!!!!

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