Linange Shea Butter Relaxer vs. Mizani Butter Blends Relaxer

Oh yes I am!!!!!

I made a video of the review, but as usual, Im too lazy to bother editing it, so until that comes, here comes my review.

I recently relaxed with the linange shea butter relaxer (lye) but I was previously using MBB HG lye relaxer. Here is my comparison:

Mizani Butter Blends HG Relaxer

-I had begun using this in replacing ORS because it dried my hair out

-contains shea butter, cocoa butter and honey

-MBB never dried my hair out

-did not cause breakage (please do not compare the lye with the no-lye, in which the no-lye needs more upkeep)

-did not over process my hair, but I usually only smoothed once

-while it didn’t over process, I did find myself still needing a mid-protein step (MPS) to get some curl back

-increased shine and my hair never dulled

-no scalp burns 🙂

-it still stinks like super dutty lady parts when you first open in, but the smell dissipates immediately

-you’d have to smooth a lot for bone straight results

-about $20 a jar, but I got 8 uses (4 for me, then used in on my cousin twice, my friend once and gave some to another cousin once). That is 2 years worth of relaxer if you relax 4 times a year.


Linange Shea Butter Relaxer

-I tried this because of great reviews

-contains shea butter and vegetable protein

-LSB did not dry out my hair AT ALL!!!!!!

-did not cause breakage

-did not over process my hair, if anything, just slightly loosened my curl and that was even with smoothing once

-I did not find myself needing a MPS because my hair was still very under processed, but you could keep one around

-no scalp burns, however, I did get scalp irritation in the middle due to half and half method and the fact that you cannot avoid relaxer touching the scalp.

-it stinks a little, but the smell goes away, only difference is you don’t smell for about a minute

-you’d have to smooth a lot for bone straight results

-has the same ingredients in the same order as the texturizer

-about $13-$16 a container and I have already used about half a jar on one application.

I used both relaxers with Motions Neutralizing Shampoo and the results each time were fantastic. My shoulder length hair is nicely texlaxed thanks to MBB, so I cannot complain. I will just continue to use LSB because I do not have to use an MPS and it will help me to keep the actual texture I want with less processing time since an MPS increases processing time. LSB also has vegetable protein which I believe helps respect strand integrity without saying so like MBB HG does, that why I believe you do not need an MPS.

I have used the Linange Neutralizing Conditioner and using that with the relaxer may cause possibly better results, but speaking from experience, it does have protein (human keratin) and I would think it would cause some reversion as it did with me. It could serve as a twofer, being a neutralizer and MPS, at the same time.

In the end, I would recommend either relaxer. I can see myself using the LSB more often only because it is less work for me, but for those on a budget, or who just wants texlaxed/relaxed results regardless to how they get them, the MBB may be the better results. For texlaxed results with minimum processing though, the LSB may be a better result.

Please remember I have resistant, low porosity hair with thick strands so your results may vary, but I found both relaxers to be very gentle. I also used both in regular strength.

Hope this review helps!

One Day, It Will Happen

Tasia B.


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