Coffee-tea Rinsing

So, a couple nights ago I posted this picture on IG:


I was texting my coworker because I told her MONTHS ago that nettle tea nah work fuh mi and she said she likes it. I told her she can have them, but I always forget and we only see each other 1 day a week. So I told her I owe her.

Now she is natural, and I know she is into healthy hair care, so I asked her if she ever used coffee and she said no, but it was worth a try. No sooner I put up a pictures, I’m getting mucho text messages about coffee and tea rinsing and how I make it.

And here comes the post….

I’ve found a combination I like. This is it what it involves:


First, I start with a medium brew with moderate acidity coffee. I find that for an itchy scalp, coffees with moderate to high acidity keeps that at bay. Medium to light brews also have the highest amount of caffeine. Two tablespoons does me good.


I still might throw in some of these teas but I’m more likely to use peppermint since I like the cool feeling on my scalp. I use two bags the most and empty the bags into my coffee.


These are my other teas: burdock root, marshmallow, Oatstraw, chamomile, lavender, Irish moss (still playing with this) and horsetail. I usually add about 1/2-2 tsp each, depending on needs. For example, I always use 2 tsp of burdock because my scalp needs its weekly drug or it will feel like it’s going through withdrawal, but when I’m using a really moisturizing conditioner, marshmallow and Oatstraw may vary. Sometimes, I don’t even use chamomile and horsetail varies depending in protein use with a stronger dose when I get closer to a protein treatment. It just depends but I like these the best.


Last, after I brew about 3-4 tbsp (the whole mixture) in my French press, I usually steep the mixture in about 1 cup of hot water then pour it in this water bottle, then add warm water to the rest of it. I use my rinse within 1 hour of making it (so the caffeine doesn’t decide to go half-life on me) so the warm water keeps it at a mild temp for my scalp. Water too cold causes brain freeze and massive amounts of shedding and too hot is just not smart #nono I like to make a concentrated brew because I don’t not have any particular methods for rinsing i.e. catch and pour, I just make a concentrate and pour it on. It makes life easier. And reduces shedding.

After I use this, my hair may clump for a minute, but my texlaxed hair eats this stuff up! While the relaxed ends are like “okay, party’s over”, the rinse still feels pretty light to me. I can separate my hair without feeling like its breaking, then just add my DC. I really like my mixture and it helps with scalp itchies and shedding (my biggest problems) along with healthier hair care. I really feel like these are helping my hair life.

Now…. I have a blog post I can refer people to 🙂

What’s your favorite tea rinse?

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia B.


6 thoughts on “Coffee-tea Rinsing

  1. I just started using the Hawaiian pineapple black tea, I loved the smell and it actually seem to do something to my hair. But I finished last week, so I will move on the mango black tea.

    • I would think those teas would provide vitamins or antioxidants that would provide strength for the hair. Mixing teas is my favorite though.

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