Playing With Ceramides

So, a few months back I wrote a post about ceramides in terms of what they are, why they do an how your hair benefits from it.

To recap, ceramides are found in a layer of the hair cells that has adhesive properties and keeps your hair together rather than strong, distinguishing it from actual protein. The hair needs ceramides, but the amounts vary depending on hair styling. The CMC layer can be altered or manipulated by how hair is dried causing the layer to be stronger when heat is used and weakened when heat isn’t used (air drying) as prolong exposure in the wet stated can cause the layer to degrade.

Okay, enough chit chat.


So this is a ceramide oil blend my made with all these oils I have in my closet. The oil contains: Wheat Germ Oil, Sunflower Oil, Safflower Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Avocado Oil and Sweet Almond Oil then fragranced with Lavender Oil (you can’t smell it, ha).

I know I made it myself, but I’m still doing an assessment of it. It won’t take too long.

So, on rollerset hair, I cannot use this. In the [indirect] heat straightened state, the oil is too heavy on any part of my hair. I put the blend in a spray bottle, so all I need is one pump which gives me less than a dime sized amount, but it’s really still too heavy. I tend to find myself using this more towards the end of the week when I’m closer to washing, but it sits a tad heavy on the hair.

However, pre-blog days, when I used safflower alone on straight hair, it was

On airdried hair, including twist/braid outs, this blend is the truth. It doesn’t coat the hair nor does it make it feel heavy. It actually makes my hair softer and seals in moisture for a much longer time. I use this as part of the LCO method and I really can’t see myself replacing this oil because of the success I have with it.

I used a partial of this blend in the past as a prepoo and it left my hair hard after shampoo. I can’t live with that feeling, so I never tried it after using different ceramides a second time with the same result. The first time was safflower and the second time was castor and wheat germ oil. It’s left my LP hair worse than using coconut oil and coconut oil makes me hate life.

Last, I have mixed oils with DC. Because my hair is hard enough to moisturize, my hair was a tad harder to comb than normal and the rollerset wasn’t the same so I never bothered with that again either.

I think I will officially take this moment to name my hair Shenaynay because she has serious attitude. If my name was Gina, it would be so simple to understand.

Now I cannot speak for all people, but I have read some comments where ceramides as a prepoo does leave the hair a tad hard; that’s why Biolage is a staple. For me, ceramides are best on damp hair to be air dried. I’m glad I went on to keep experiencing and learn how to best to use ceramides.

One last plus about oils containing ceramides: a 16 ounce bottle can last you a while depending in its use. For me, I’ve had my bottles for at least a year already!

What ceramides are you using and how are they treating your hair?

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia B.


6 thoughts on “Playing With Ceramides

  1. I love ceramides for my hair!
    I currently use hemp seed oil (scalp) and safflower oil (ends) in my pre-poo. Use grapeseed oil to seal. Also use the L’Oreal Total Repair Damage Erasing Balm (synthetic ceramides) for pre-pooing my ends occasionally too. My hair is always softened after using them.
    I haven’t really used them on my hair wet so I can’t speak to their behavior on wet hair but my dry hair loves them!

    • Hey,

      I have been hearing good things about the L’Oreal TDREB, but I still haven’t taken the plunge to try it 😦 I like that I have ceramides still incorporated in regimen. I love HSO and SO, and I am loving finding ways to use it as much as possible.

  2. I love conditioners that contain ceramides – KeraPro, Kerastase, L’oreal’s new erase balm. I’ve gone back to regular ole coconut oil for the most part as far as oils go but I still like grapeseed for ceramides.

    • Hey Ebony,
      I have been trying grapeseed oil and while I did not like it before, I am actually starting to like its effect on my hair now. I don’t think I gave it enough credit back in the day, but I am over that now. As for your conditioners, I need to try that Kerastase and I need to try it at a DISCOUNT!!!!!

  3. Hey Tasia,
    This is a great follow-up post on ceramides. I use safflower oil for sealing. I find that its just what my hair needed. Wheat germ oil is strictly for mixing my DCs. Too stinky any other way. I know its not a ceramide oil but JBCO is heavenly on scalp, edges and before flat ironing.

    • Thanks!

      I like to revisit items sometimes. Our hair likes to change a bit over time, so I like to keep up with what Im using to determine if something might need to be retired, then picked up later. I don’t care for JBCO because my scalp doesn’t like it, but it does help my edges and its a good prepoo for my nape or when I feel I am putting too much pressure in that area.

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