New Purchases

I haven’t really bought much, but I lurk on exchange forums so I get some pretty good stuff at pretty decent prices. Here are a few things I bought in the past month:


In an exchange, I got some SD Razzberry Coconut Affair, Shea What! Mocha Hair Milk and Satin Cream. I’ve tried MHM before and hated it, but I’m willing to try it again. It just has too much protein for my straight hair but I’ll try it air drying one of these days. I gave the RCA to my cousin for her daughter and she loves me more now 🙂 I already have 3 jars in back stock and 1 in the shower, so that jar was bought with her in mind. The last two will get reviews by the end of the year.


I got some Keravada Amla Bringraj oil and Whipped Leave-In Conditioner Pudding with a 30% discount that was still twerking. I heard it was good for a twist out, but I still think its a tad heavy so I will try it out when I air dry. I do like it though even though I’m going to have a hard time with it. It has Shea butter, so it will always have that sticky film to it. Hopefully, I can use it as a 2-in-1.

That oil is





Hairitage Hydrations Horsetail Butter and Green Energy. I got this during her flash 40% sale. The Green Energy I like for a moisturizer on straight hair because it looks heavy, but goes on smooth and light. The Horsetail Butter is clearly too thick and sticky and a 2-in-1 that I can use for twist out. Things are going to get very interesting….

I’ve heard so much about this line and I’m starting to see they hype. Both items smell like mint so I know I’ll like it. I love soothing smells.

I’ll definitely be getting to these reviews by the end of the year. Until then, I’m keeping my fingers for a good Black Friday Sale.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia B.


8 thoughts on “New Purchases

  1. I just picked up some HH items during the flash sale too. Grabbed 2 pomades (Sprout, Hemp Pomade), 2 leave-ins (Pink Lemon Berry Mimosa, Mango Colada), 1 rinse out (Sticky Honey Hash), and 1 moisturizer (Green Energy). I’m hoping to get some decent results from the bunch. My mom is hoping I don’t so she can get some free products lol

    • Rileynak,

      You’ve got to love moms! You have some nice stuff there. Let me know how that rinse-out and those pomades work!

      • Sticky Honey Hash rinse out= coating galore (for me)!
        It softened my hair wonderfully BUT my hair felt so coated once I rinsed it. Not sure I’m going to try it again.

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