Random Nothing’s About …Hair

Fall is definitely my favorite season. I haven’t had moisture issues yet! This is making me happy, because moisture is usually a problem for me. It’s hard to get it in there, but easy to keep it in there, if that makes sense.

I’m trying to play with more protective styles during the week outside of bunning. Now that my hair is getting longer, I don’t want any setbacks on account of exclusively bunning.




I’m liking this style the best, it’s just hard to keep the twist in all day in place. I usually have to tighten them eventually.

I wrote a whole post yesterday about helping my friend get her hair life and it didn’t update properly so I had to delete it. The worse part: remembering what I said to re-write it. That slightly upsets me. It really emphasized my by-line. Oh Well. Better luck next time!

I want to color a piece of my hair in the front grey, so that it looks natural and stylish. I also wanna cut it to shoulder length. Someone save me. I will more than like do the color when I get the courage and because Shea moisture is probably the best option it will probably be a brown/auburn color, but it will still be something nice to try. I’m also going to do it to my bangs because it’s easier for me to deal with a setback with my bangs versus any other hair section. Next week I’ll be 3 weeks post, so #crossesfingers!

My 2 year Hair Anniversary is coming up. Ill be talking about that soon.

Last, I will be making a small change. I will be going from Tasia S. to Tasia B.

One Day, It Will Happen
Tasia S.


8 thoughts on “Random Nothing’s About …Hair

  1. Wow! Cut and color…the hair bug is really working on you. I know how you feel on the coloring front. I’ve been wanting to color my hair red for awhile and I keep telling myself to sit down somewhere and get my life. While the prospect of color excites me, the upkeep of color frightens me lol.
    That twist style is really cute too!!

    • Rileynak,

      I needed that laugh. I just want to color a small piece. I also want to try a SL Bob, but maybe a faux Bob is more of what I need to try for now.


  2. Great sized bun! And whenever I get the urge to cut or make a drastic change…I grab a wig or have weave installed. Saves me the regret of chopping my own hair but gives me the change I was craving.

    • Thanks!

      Funny because I keep telling myself to just get half wigs already. I know I’m not going to cut, I’m just curious as to what it will look like.

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